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#1. Want and effective demand are not the same thing. If they were, the poorest nations would be the ones to display the most vigorous demand. - Author: Joseph A. Schumpeter
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#2. Try the Lamentations of Jeremiah. They always pick me up. - Author: Peter De Vries
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#3. We learned that a former prisoner of war had more to teach us about what it takes to find a path to greatness than most books on corporate strategy. - Author: James C. Collins
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#4. Good and evil are (only) labels that man - through religion and philosophy - created to explain and judge the Universe's natural cycle of creation and destruction. Creation was deemed good and destruction was deemed evil. - Author: Russell Anthony Gibbs
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#5. Anything we need to know, we can learn it from a book. Reading, careful study, a little practice, and we're throwing knives expertly, overhauling engines, speaking Esperanto like natives. - Author: Richard Bach
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#6. Our world is a shared experience, fractured by individual perspectives - Author: Brian Miller
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#7. It is impossible for a man to conceal himself. In every act, word or gesture he stands revealed as he is, and not as he would have himself appear to be. From the Universe, nothing is or an be hidden. - Author: Ernest Holmes
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#8. One doesn't know one's self what grain one sows, that works on and on, through one and through many lives, transmitted from heart to heart and from lips to lips. - Author: Elisabeth Of Wied
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#9. Man's mastery over nature, then, is a mastery which has less and less control over itself ... A world where techniques are paramount is a world given over to desire and fear; because every technique is there to serve some desire or fear.2 - Gabriel Marcel - Author: Stephen Batchelor
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#10. At this moment, I saw more clearly than ever the brutalizing effects of slavery upon the slave and slaveholder. - Author: Frederick Douglass
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#11. Accordingly, we shall find angels and men to be dry, heaven to be empty, the earth to be unproductive, and, in short, all things to be of no value, if we wish to be partakers of the gifts of God in any other way than through Christ. - Author: John Calvin
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#12. I want to have an assistant someday who will make freaky teens cool T-shirts so that they can do good things in style. I want to be Donna. So frickin' much. - Author: Matthew Quick
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