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#1. When I started performing, I played acoustic music, partly because that way you don't have to worry about interacting too much with other people creatively. Asserting myself in that way was not really a strong point for me. - Author: Patty Griffin
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#2. Don't worry me now, Fagin!' replied the girl, raising her head languidly. 'If Bill has not done it this time, he will another. He has done many a good job for you, and will do many more when he can; and when he can't, he won't, so no more about that. - Author: Charles Dickens
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#3. Don't worry. I know the truth."
"The truth about what?"
Cam stepped back. "You want to say yes, but you're just not ready."
My jaw dropped.
"It's okay." His grin turned cocky. "I'm a lot to handle, but I can assure you, you'll have fun handling me. - Author: J. Lynn
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#4. And you must not worry about me. You must follow your dreams. You have your life ahead of you. I am just a wanderer passing by. - Author: Avijeet Das
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#5. Ever since I was a little girl, I've worried too much. It always bothers me because sometimes you end up worrying more about the worry and you are not resolving things that are right there in front of you. I have been like that all my life, and it's hard to change. - Author: Penelope Cruz
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#6. I make big shots everywhere. I get accustomed to it. I'm not afraid to be the goat. I don't worry about what you (reporters) say about me in the papers. In fact, I like it. It tickles me. - Author: Sam Cassell
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#7. I miss you when you're not around,' he said. 'I can't sleep when you're not next to me, and I worry a lot about what you're up to. - Author: Victoria Laurie
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#8. You have no need to worry about me being attracted to you." She moistened her lips. "Because I'm not."

Oh yeah? Well, then he wasn't attracted to her either. "Fantastic. I'm still not taking you. - Author: Cindy Roland Anderson
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#9. Wait a minute. You expect me to stay overnight in a house with four single men? Sean grinned. We're perfect gentlemen, Kim. Everyone knows that. Don't let us worry you. I'm not worried about my reputation, I'm worried about the state of the bathrooms. - Author: Jennifer Ashley
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#10. Telling me not to worry about you is like telling me to stop breathing. No can do, babe. You knew that when you signed on with me. - Author: Lara Adrian
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#11. Now look", my mother said. "When I feel myself starting to worry, I just tell myself, I will not worry about something that will never happen, and that always calms me, because most of the things we worry about will never happen. Why don't you give that a try? - Author: J.R. Moehringer
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#12. No matter what happens ... there will always be a string tying you to me. I'll never not worry about you. I'll never not care about what you do. You'll always be something to me. - Author: Kiera Cass
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#13. I'm not taken and you needn't worry yourself about sharing me because I'm not asking you to. -Aria Cason - Author: Lilly Wilde
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#14. Music is what I love to do, so you'll never have to worry about me not doing that. - Author: Rihanna
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#15. Oh spare me, being stuck in your bedroom is not like prison. You don't have to worry about being gang-raped in your bedroom. - Author: Justin Halpern
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#16. Yeah, well, don't worry about it. I've never met a Daimon yet I couldn't take. (Wulf)
Guess again, little brother. You just met one, and trust me, he's not like any you've ever met before. He makes Desiderius look like a pet hamster. (Acheron) - Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
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#17. When I see the move of RFID into universities, it concerns me, ... It is sending a message that not only do we not have to worry about privacy but you can profit from it by a career perspective. - Author: Katherine Albrecht
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#18. My favourite thing about live shows is you can make up new songs on the spot. Never played before, never again. And that's wonderful for me, because it frees me up to not have to worry about lyrics and stuff. - Author: Victoria Williams
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#19. I have to live for the day, and not worry about or try to know what tomorrow brings ... if I've learned one thing from all that'shappened to me, it's that if you would know what tomorrow brings, you may not want to live it. - Author: Monica Seles
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#20. You keep distracting from the main point, Vaida. I did not come to Harare to study other people's scars. I have my own to worry about. They make me sick. I will never recover from the events that carved them into my body. You should focus on healing yours instead of creating new ones. - Author: Taona Dumisani Chiveneko
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#21. I was terrible in English. I couldn't stand the subject. It seemed to me ridiculous to worry about whether you spelled something wrong or not, because English spelling is just a human convention - it has nothing to do with anything real, anything from nature. - Author: Richard P. Feynman
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#22. Stop trying to figure it all. Why worry about it all so much? Why not just live? And then you die. And then you live again, unless, of course, you follow me. - Author: Frederick Lenz
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#23. It used to worry me what people said about me. I'm learning not to worry as much. Sometimes you feel critics are wrong all the time, but I don 't take objection to it, because that's the way it goes. They can be wrong, they can be right. They can be cruel, they can be kind. - Author: Al Pacino
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#24. You hold on tight from now on, so tight it hurts. Got it? Don't let go of me, not ever. Don't worry about hurting me, don't worry about suffocating me, don't worry about holding on too tight. You hold on and you never let go. You'll only hurt me, I'll only suffocate, if you let go. Promise. - Author: Lindy Zart
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#25. I am not a very timid type. It's very important to some people, but not to me. I have a simple philosophy: worry about those things you can fix. It you can't fix it, don't worry about it; accept it and do the best you can. - Author: Jimmy Doolittle
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#26. I have different reasons for the way that I react to things now that I have kids. It's not about me, it's about my children going out into this world that makes me say, "What the hell are you all doing?" I have to put them out there, and then I have to worry. - Author: Pat Benatar
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#27. You have to be quiet," I said. "We don't want to wake up the ladies. I don't think I want 'em to see me all drunk like this."

"It's not really me we have to worry about, Dino."

"Shit, am I too loud?"

"Yes. Shut up. - Author: Elle Parker
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#28. There's always something going on, and people need that 45-minute-to-an-hour-and-15-minute break, where they just escape and not worry about bills, health care and God knows what. That, to me, is when you're making great music: when people can just forget about what's going on. - Author: Pitbull
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#29. -But now we worry - what if we will never die?-
-Would that be a bad thing?-
-For me, yes. I would not want to go on and on forever. Would you? Think about it.- - Author: Lisa McMann
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#30. You don't ever play games, make me guess what it is you want, or what you're thinking. You're not afraid of getting dirty, you don't worry about if your hair looks just right, or get angry about having your prom in the woods. - Author: Cindy C. Bennett
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#31. I love you. I worry about you. I wonder whether I tell you enough how I love you and want you and need you and how I am diminished ... when you are not with me and how I am multiplied when you are here. - Author: Pat Frank
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#32. Listen,' Clover said. 'Don't worry about not being able to come back, I've lived both places, and trust me, you won't be getting the short end of the stick if you end up in Foo. I mean, candy alone ... - Author: Obert Skye
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#33. I am not an atheist; I believe in God. But my religion ends there. I have my own personal belief system that is so strong it allows me to do what I do. I don't have to worry about going to Hell because of Slayer, you know? Everyone has a personal belief system and believes in life somehow. - Author: Tom Araya
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#34. I don't know what to do with it. I'm very fortunate to have it, and it gives you room to maneuver. But the main thing about having money is it means you don't have to worry about it. And that for me is a lovely thing. It's not for fast cars and hookers. - Author: Daniel Radcliffe
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#35. Let me just worry about me. I'm not worried about anyone else. If you're doing fine, great; if you're struggling, I hope things get better for you. But I've got to be worried about my career. - Author: LaToya London
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