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Top 26 Worn Out Girl Quotes

#1. You're not enjoying yourself," Syl said. "You're starting to sound a lot like my mother." "Captivating?" Syl said. "Amazing, witty, meaningful?" "Repetitive." "Captivating?" Syl said. "Amazing, witty, meaningful?" "Very funny." "Says the man not laughing," she replied, folding her arms.

Brandon Sanderson

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#2. Blue Jeans? They should be worn by farm girls milking cows!

Yves Saint-Laurent

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#3. Wearing a turtleneck is like being strangled by a really weak guy, all day. Wearing a backpack and a turtleneck is like a weak midget trying to bring you down.

Mitch Hedberg

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#4. I've worn a lot of humdingers in my time, but as a model it's my duty - my responsibility - to bring life to any garment. That can be challenging when it comes to high fashion, where the creations can be very eccentric, but I've gained a reputation for being the go-to girl who can pull it off.

Erin O'Connor

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#5. Happy Christmas, Clara. Xx.
Yes, I know. I know that text doesn't look like much. But ... actually. First note the comma. I feel proud of his comma, and of being his comma's recipient.

India Knight

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#6. Rap, rap! upon the well-worn stone, How falls the polished hammer! Rap, rap! the measured sound has grown A quick and merry clamor. Now shape the sole! now deftly curl The glassy vamp around it, And bless the while the bright-eyed girl Whose gentle fingers bound it!

John Greenleaf Whittier

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#7. A book is a wonderful present. Though it may grow worn, it will never grow old.

Jane Yolen

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#8. The bus had a lavatory in the wayback rear, which no one ever made any attempt to use, and I remember consciously deciding to trust that the passengers had good reason for not using it instead of venturing in and discovering that reason for myself.

David Foster Wallace

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#9. Hollywood is portrayed in this super glamorous way, but when I see pictures of actresses going off the rails, it doesn't surprise me at all.

Minnie Driver

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#10. Five pieces every girl needs in her closet are; a great pair of a jeans, a good black heel, a great little black dress, tank tops for layering, and a jacket that can be worn day or night.

Kristin Cavallari

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#11. There's such a void in the medical system. When my husband was sick, it became very apparent to me that the nurses were doing the doctor's job, and the doctors were doing the disease job, so no one was caring for the patient and the loved one.

Donna Karan

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#12. Knowledge of the [five] senses (indriya gnan) creates all kinds of intents. Knowledge beyond senses (ati-indriya gnan) doesn't allow any intent to occur!

Dada Bhagwan

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#13. I'm not a big lingerie girl. I see it, and I love it, and I appreciate it, and sometimes I even buy it, and then it never gets worn. It just seems like kind of a wasted middle step. Either you're dressed or you're not. What is this in-between stuff?

Natalie Zea

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#14. So I could write a story about a girl who was a lot like me, her ex-boyfriend, who was a lot like Satan, witha twitchy eyelid and a penis the size of a worn-down nub of an eraser.

Jennifer Weiner

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#15. I didn't want to smile and say thanks. Didn't want to pretend I'd done anything except survive

Kevin Powers

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#16. Nothing ever turns me on so much in a woman as unhappiness.

Jerry Stahl

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#17. There can be no doubt that if we had been victorious on the Vistula, the revolutionary fires would have reached the entire continent.

Mikhail Tukhachevsky

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#18. As a girl, she was a legal prey, especially if she was dressed in a worn black leather jacket and had pierced eyebrows, tattoos, and zero social status.

Stieg Larsson

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#19. The notion that everyone would like Christianity to be true, and therefore all atheists are brave men who have accepted the defeat of all their deepest desires, is simply impudent nonsense.

C.S. Lewis

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#20. Your true image is not something to get; it is a reality to discover.

Eric Butterworth

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#21. warriors. "So will I," mewed Dustpelt.

Erin Hunter

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#22. If I have an hour in a city, I go to vintage stores first because it's so much cooler to find a piece that is unique. I love the thought of some girl having worn it before and living her life in it.

Helena Christensen

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#23. It was quite likely the best advice I've ever received. I can't help but wonder what my life would have been like if I'd actually followed it.

Tom Robbins

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#24. People always assume that bachelors are single by choice and spinsters because nobody asked them. It never enters their heads that poor bachelors might have worn the knees of their trousers out proposing to girls who rejected them or that a girl might deliberately stay unmarried ...

Jilly Cooper

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#25. I think Mercutio in 'Romeo and Juliet' would be my favorite role. I've never played it, but I would love to do it.

Rocky Carroll

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#26. They say that men should look at the mother of the girl they intend to marry," Yvette said. "Girls who did what I did should consider the wife a man has discarded or worn out, and know thye are not going to do much better.

V.S. Naipaul

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