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#1. It was into my father's image, the black man, son of Africa, that I'd packed all the attributes I sought in myself, the attributes of Martin and Malcolm, DuBois and Mandela. - Author: Barack Obama
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#2. The earth you subdue becomes your kingdom - Author: Sunday Adelaja
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#3. If the Olive Trees knew the hands that planted them, Their Oil would become Tears. - Author: Mahmoud Darwish
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#4. It's Bush's baby, even if he shares its popularization with Gorbachev. Forget the Hitler 'new order' root; F.D.R. used the phrase earlier. - Author: William Safire
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#5. That was the moment my heart threaded with hers. It was as if someone reached down with a sewing needle and stitched my soul to hers - Author: Tarryn Fisher
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#6. Afghan human rights campaigners worry that U.S. forces may be using secret detention sites like the one allegedly at Rish-Khor to carry out interrogations away from prying eyes. The U.S. military, however, denies even having knowledge of the facility. - Author: Anand Gopal
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#7. Evolution acts slowly. Our psychological characteristics today are those that promoted reproductive success in the ancestral environment. - Author: Keith Henson
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#8. I wanted a different kind of success. Freedom. Happiness. And yes, some money to make the way a bit more interesting. Different rewards, different game. Meaning I'd have to play by different rules -- applying different stimuli in order to receive a different response. - Author: Johnny B. Truant
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