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Top 10 Workshop Sign Sayings

#1. You've got to have the right attire for the right event. I attend a lot of dinners, a lot of concerts, and I have to be on the red carpet; each has its own dress code, and I have to be prepared. Jeans and a hoodie are great for a concert, but a dinner party? - Author: Amar'e Stoudemire
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#2. If your workshop praises a poem, don't think everyone is too nice to tell you how terrible it really is. (If it is that kind of workshop, you should get out of it as soon as possible - honest feedback is the sign that people respect your writing and take it seriously.) - Author: Kim Addonizio
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#3. Not so long ago people believed in ideologies, systems, and institutions to save all societies. Today, they have given up such hopes and have returned to relying on the individual, on individual freedom, individual initiative, individual creativity. - Author: Dalai Lama
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#4. The words secret and sacred are siblings. - Author: Mary Ruefle
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#5. Terrible storms precede magnificent rainbows. - Author: Matshona Dhliwayo
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#6. I don't want to be a figure of disappointment. - Author: Boy George
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#7. I had a long conversation with Steve Carlton. He told me that on the days he pitched, he felt it was his responsibility to make everyone around him better, to lift his teammates. That's what I try to do. - Author: Randy Johnson
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#8. He preferred yielding his own wish to gratify others, rather than to insist upon having his own way. - Author: Ulysses S. Grant
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#9. There are no means of finding what either one person or many can do, but by trying - and no means by which anyone else can discover for them what it is for their happiness to do or leave undone - Author: John Stuart Mill
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#10. You are the effect of your story, that's all. - Author: Byron Katie
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