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Top 8 Work Placements Quotes

#1. Liberation also means that even though I'm a woman I have masculine parts of my temperament which I can safely explore and integrate into my experience.

Marianne Williamson

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#2. Nobody sane loves working in an office, It's against human nature to be locked up in a cubicle all day long.

Peter Clines

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#3. Leadership requires the courage to make decisions that will benefit the next generation.

Alan Autry

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#4. It was sink or swim for him - and happens he's swimming.

Esther Forbes

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#5. The true credit for our safety and security goes to our men and women who are serving in places like Iraq and Afghanistan in the global war on terrorism.

Asa Hutchinson

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#6. We were two broken, incomplete people. Now we're one. No one will ever understand me the way she will. No one will ever understand her the way I will.

Shannon Messenger

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#7. The 70's was a great time for artistic expression in Jamaica and I was in the heart of it, unconsciously soaking it up and paving my future.

Michael Hyatt

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#8. But it was not to be.

Ravi Zacharias

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