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Top 18 Woodstock Hippie Quotes

#1. It is widely held that too much wine will dull a man's desire. Indeed it will in a dull man. - Author: John Osborne
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#2. I'm staying in shape, working out. - Author: Pete Sampras
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#3. The owner's wife gave me a container of chicken soup and a quart of rice pudding to take home. She was a broad, solid woman with thick arms and legs. She swiped vigorously at the stain on my coat with a wad of dampened paper towel, and I remembered Pegeen then: There's always someone nice. - Author: Alice McDermott
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#4. I don't care what you do, I just don't want to be a mud hippie like you. [From 1994 woodstock] - Author: Green Day
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#5. My eyes are brown and my hair is brown."
"Your eyes are the color of warm chocolate," he said, tilting his head to study her. "Your hair isn't brown, but auburn with gold and red threads in it like the finest tapestry. - Author: Karen Ranney
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#6. Religion has the same relation to man's heavenly condition that mathematics has to his earthly one: both the one and the other are merely the rules of the game. Belief in God and belief in numbers: local truth and truth of location. - Author: Vladimir Nabokov
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#7. We want ... as soon as possible to see a majority of the Republican Party in the hands of pro-family Christians by 1996. - Author: Pat Robertson
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#8. Kerouac opened a million coffee bars and sold a million pairs of Levis to both sexes. Woodstock rises from his pages. - Author: William S. Burroughs
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#9. Rwanda, which is one of the younger independent states in Africa, must be regarded as a model of how great human trauma can be transformed to commence true reconstruction of people. Human trauma can lead to stunted growth and mass withdrawal. - Author: Wole Soyinka
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#10. Our nation today needs men and women who are bold enough to play on the field and passionate to change the status quo ! - Author: Osunsakin Adewale
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#11. We have an historic opportunity for a great global healing and renewal. If we will accept the challenge of nonviolent activism with faith, courage, and determination, we can bring this great vision of a world united in peace and harmony from a distant ideal into glowing reality. - Author: Coretta Scott King
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#12. My feet? Well, they were still entirely, unspeakably fucked. - Author: Cheryl Strayed
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#13. I'm higher than a hippie at Woodstock - Author: Ray Hudson
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#14. I'm from the '60s, but no one has ever accused me of being a hippie. I never had much interest in the Woodstock crowd, which partied to change the world, while real people were starving to death in Africa. - Author: Lloyd Kaufman
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#15. It is almost intrinsically impossible for ideas about how we are fooling ourselves to gain an adequate hearing. We are good enough at it to keep them nicely at bay. - Author: Melvin Konner
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#16. no matter how many times you move or how big and fancy your house gets, you're still stuck with yourself. - Author: D.M. Pulley
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#17. I would never have learned that light can be found in even the darkest of hells. That kindness can thrive even amongst the cruelty. - Author: Sarah J. Maas
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#18. Hollywood, Woodstock, nor the hippie culture was the source of power of the 1960's freedom movement. God was. - Author: Glenn Beck
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