Top 12 Woodlice Quotes

#1. What better hiding place than an old, woodlice-ridden album of photographs!

Renita D'Silva

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#2. Because, also the world of showbiz is not just black and white, good and bad.

Klaus Schulze

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#3. Almost everything worth believing in cannot be seen. Love, for instance.

Adriana Mather

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#4. No blasphemy harms Islam and Muslims so much as the call for murdering a writer

Naguib Mahfouz

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#5. I close my eyes and black out the day. The exhaustion of living through it, surviving.

Julie Anne Peters

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#6. A man typically lights a scene too much, because it makes no matter what you show, a man always wants to see more. A woman understands darkness and shadows

Richard Melo

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#7. I did sound for a number of years, so I know the pain of the sound mixer on a set where everybody was talking.

Emmanuel Lubezki

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#8. Birds are indicators of the environment. If they are in trouble, we know we'll soon be in trouble.

Roger Tory Peterson

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#9. I like to wear short-sleeved collared shirts and high-waist trousers with shiny shoes. And at night, when I'm playing, I'll often wear suits. But it started with my uncle's vintage clothes.

Leon Bridges

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#10. Heartbeat to heartbeat a little closer to the truth.

Kristian Goldmund Aumann

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#11. What makes a publishing house great? The easy answer is the consistency with which it produces books of value over a lengthy period of time.

Robert Gottlieb

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#12. In the United States, you can put on a cowboy hat and join the country-western neighborhood. If you're down below 14th Street in New York City, that's bohemian; that's left-wing.

David Lee Roth

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