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#1. Patience is a virtue Savannah, to tolerate delay. It implies self control and forbearance, as opposed to wanting what we want when we want it. Something to think about ... - Author: Catherine Weaver
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#2. There are Easter eggs in every book I've ever written. I think in the first one I called [Scientology] "Diabology," but I was scared, so I didn't tell many people what it really meant. - Author: Kate Bornstein
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#3. The winter light, tinted by the bright colors in the street, plays on the go-board. All these festivities cut me off from the rest of the world. My loneliness is like a bolt of crimson silk stowed in the bottom of a wooden chest. - Author: Shan Sa
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#4. I actually love shopping in vintage shops. What I do with the high street, I buy it, then keep it for a while and then wear it when everyone's not wearing it. So I do that: stock up, then keep it hidden! - Author: Amber Le Bon
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#5. I never do any album to beat it. I do it to extend it. - Author: Mary J. Blige
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#6. Even gang members imagine a future that doesn't include gangs. - Author: Greg Boyle
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#7. It's so easy to relax, to cut corners, to let down after you've reached your goal, and begin thinking you can just "turn it on" automatically, without proper preparation. It takes real character to keep working as hard or even harder once you're there. - Author: John Wooden
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#8. Language is material to shape and mold, not only a transparent or invisible medium for communication, business contracts, or telling stories. - Author: Kenneth Goldsmith
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