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Top 14 Wolverine Comic Book Quotes

#1. Comic book fans have loved Wolverine, and all the 'X-Men' characters, for more than the action. I think that's what set it apart from many of the other comic books. In the case of Wolverine, when he appeared, he was a revolution really. He was the first anti-hero. - Author: Hugh Jackman
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#2. Culture outperforms strategy every time; and culture with strategy is unbeatable. - Author: Quint Studer
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#3. How can you truly know what success is, if you've never experienced failure? - Author: Chad Pennington
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#4. I'm really interested with the way light plays on images and one of the artists that really reawakened my interest in comic books was Frank Miller and his treatment of Daredevil, and then Wolverine and, of course, Batman. - Author: James Marsters
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#5. First mark of the self-preservative instinct of the great psychologist: he never seeks himself, he has no eyes for himself, no interest or curiosity in himself - Author: Friedrich Nietzsche
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#6. Wild swings in share prices have more to do with the "lemming- like" behaviour of institutional investors than with the aggregate returns of the company they own. - Author: Warren Buffett
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#7. In hock to the excitements and commercial advantages of rage, the news cruelly ignores the project of consolation. - Author: Alain De Botton
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#8. You haven't asked me about Arin," Roshar said as he rode alongside him.
"The tiger. Not the surly human. - Author: Marie Rutkoski
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#9. The psychology of committees is a special case of the psychology of mobs. - Author: Celia Green
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#10. Every generation must recognize and embrace the task it is peculiarly designed by history and by providence to perform. - Author: Chinua Achebe
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#11. I'm married to an American. I work for a company that is, you know, its headquarters in the U.S. - Author: Wael Ghonim
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#12. I'm a huge Marvel Comics fan, and I'm a huge 'Wolverine' fan, I like the 'X-Men' comic book. - Author: Jason David Frank
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#13. And in all of us there is at least a tinge of that habit of mind. In every country in the world the large army of scientists and technicians, with the rest of us panting at their heels, is marching along the road of 'progress' with the blind persistence of a column of ants. - Author: George Orwell
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#14. We are about half a century away from being ecologically and economically bankrupt because of global warming - Author: Andrew Simms
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