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Top 14 Witty Communication Sayings

#1. We will see a breakdown of the family and family values if we decide to approve same-sex marriage, and if we decide to establish homosexuality as an acceptable alternative lifestyle with all the benefits that go with equating it with the heterosexual lifestyle. - Author: Jerry Falwell
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#2. I'm not sure if you can blame everything on the American way of life, but the United States are big. So, if you have a lot of people there, the percentage of stupid people is bound to be higher. - Author: Stephen Malkmus
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#3. I'm Olivia," I say, trying to keep my hand from melting in his as he grips it. I'm touching a member of the Brightside! - Author: Katie Delahanty
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#4. If I can't stay where I am, and I can't, then I will put all that I can into the going. - Author: Jeanette Winterson
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#5. Sometimes we're not even aware that we're afraid. - Author: Spencer Johnson
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#6. The sin is not in the sinning, but in the being found out. - Author: William Gurney Benham
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#7. You know, smart and educated aren't synonymous. - Author: Pepper Pace
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#8. Your mind makes you dance like a monkey all the time ... Now you have to become stronger; you have to make the mind dance. Make it dance on the stage of mantra. For that, mediate and repeat mantra. - Author: Swami Muktananda
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#9. Kids have to be taught to hate, - Author: Dale Hansen
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#10. Nine Inch Nails' sound is dominated by clanging synths and sardonic, shrieking vocals. - Author: Michael Azerrad
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#11. Failure is just part of life; it happens to everyone. Yet, it doesn't have to be crippling if you don't let it. - Author: Ian Anthony Dale
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#12. You know the black bits in bananas? Are they tarantulas eggs? - Author: Noel Fielding
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#13. As an older dad who grew up in a rural culture in the South, certain things were expected of women, and that included raising the children. But I think it's just as important for the father to give the baths, to hug, to change the diapers, to tell the stories. - Author: Clyde Edgerton
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#14. At their core, the things we really like do not change over time. Putting your house in order is a great way to discover what they are. - Author: Marie Kondo
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