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Top 12 Witchfinder General Quotes

#1. I don't know if I would say that I'm specifically a history buff. I do find a lot of things fascinating, especially anything that's bizarre or mysterious and unknown and we don't have all the answers for. - Author: Oren Peli
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#2. Fuck you.
I countered, demonstrating my keen skill at argument. - Author: Julie Kenner
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#3. The front aspect of great thoughts can only be enjoyed by those who stand on the side whence they arrive. - Author: Henry David Thoreau
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#4. Worrying about the past is tending the ashes instead of the fire. - Author: A.R. Simmons
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#5. Getting to share a project with Anthony Hopkins is incredible. It's like watching Da Vinci paint or something - you're reminded why you do what you do. - Author: Evan Rachel Wood
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#6. No," said Miss Marple. "You believed what he said. It really is very dangerous to believe people. I never have for years. - Author: Agatha Christie
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#7. All this talk about artificial intelligence is really just hype, it will take at least fifty years before we have to let them vote. - Author: Kenneth E. Boulding
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#8. In His plan there are no true endings. Only everlasting beginnings. - Author: Dieter F. Uchtdorf
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#9. I don't understand anything ... and I no longer want to understand anything. I want to stick to the fact ... If I wanted to understand something, I would immediately have to betray the fact, but I've made up my mind to stick to the fact. - Author: Fyodor Dostoyevsky
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#10. Undervaluations caused by neglect or prejudice may persist for an inconveniently long time, and the same applies to inflated prices caused by over-enthusiasm or artificial stimulants. - Author: Benjamin Graham
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#11. the ocean mist
engulfs me, like a lifetime's
friendship honored. - Author: Sanober Khan
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#12. The mere machinery of voting is not democracy, though at present it is not easy to effect any simpler democratic method. But - Author: G.K. Chesterton
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