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Top 13 Wise Mentor Sayings

#1. Dave's playing and repertoire evokes memories of the golden era of Modern Jazz, and in addition to being a nice guy he happens to be a bebopper of the finest order. - Author: Chris Cortez
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#2. Who profits from a king's fidelity save generations a thousand years unborn, and which of his works will they recall at that remove, or care? - Author: Steven Pressfield
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#3. Every project has its things to be overcome, but I didn't find that there was anything particularly impossible about what we were doing - it was all quite exciting. - Author: James Frain
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#4. Soccer's not a game that you can restrict players, especially creative players and players who have proven themselves at that level. - Author: Tiffeny Milbrett
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#5. Eugene looked with passionate devotion at that grand old head, calm, wise and comforting. In a moment of vision, he saw that, for him, here was the last of those giants to whom we give the faith of our youth, believing like children that the riddle of our lives may be solved by their quiet judgment. - Author: Thomas Wolfe
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#6. My mentor used to say that no one can make us feel badly about ourselves unless we allow it. He lectured me endlessly that the biggest offenders to shrink our self-worth weren't others, but ourselves. - Author: Veronica Blade
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#7. In this world of dreams, drifting off still more; and once again speaking and dreaming of dreams. Just let it be. - Author: Ryokan
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#8. A wise man once asked to his mentor, "What advice would you give the average investor?" his reply was, "DON'T BE AVERAGE. - Author: Celeste Young
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#9. What a wise person teaches is the smallest part of what they give. The totality of their life, of the way they go about it in the smallest details, is what gets transmitted. - Author: David Brooks
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#10. Every great soul had a great mentor. - Author: Lailah Gifty Akita
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#11. A mute mentor & blind novice
I grabbed your hand; made me wise - Author: Shahzaib Ansari
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#12. I want to 'think' that I have all the answers. But if I 'think', I soon realize that what I thought to be answers were guesses. And if I 'think' yet again, I begin to realize that since God has all the answers He never hands me a guess. - Author: Craig D. Lounsbrough
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#13. Having a more experienced and successful counselor guiding someone in a chosen profession is wise decision and good career move. - Author: Jose A. Aviles
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