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Top 11 Winter Slumber Quotes

#1. heart with greater joy than when my grain and new wine abound! (Ps. 4:7) - Author: Beth Moore
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#2. If the first lady is concerned about this Internet cycle, what would she have done during the heyday when there was 12, 13 editions of a paper in one day? What would she have done with that news cycle? - Author: Matt Drudge
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#3. She could smell the sea in the air, but more than that, she could smell the scent of the grass as it awoke from its winter slumber. She could hear the sound of crickets as they sang to the emerging stars. It was springtime on the North Island. It was springtime for the world. - Author: Diana Peterfreund
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#4. I slept and saw God's forge in frost. Its hearth was quelled, and as it cooled so swooned the verdancy it kept above. In slumber it grew a thick winter skin, white as bedsheets. In their folds the waker dreamt, her breath as steam, her touch as hot as iron, forgotten in the fire. - Author: Andrew Hussie
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#5. Too much of our society looks for people to fail. - Author: Roger Goodell
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#6. You fall in love with people's minds. - Author: Anais Nin
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#7. Apocalypse is now a long-running serial: not "Apocalypse Now" but "Apocalypse From Now On. - Author: Susan Sontag
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#8. We can't go back, though
we're apt to waver even as our wheels spin on. - Author: Brook Emery
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#9. The Greatest Weapon Used Against the Negro is Disorganization. - Author: Marcus Garvey
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#10. The strike of the miners in Arizona was one of the most remarkable strikes in the history of the American labor movement. Its peaceful character, its successful outcome, were due to that most remarkable character, Governor Hunt. - Author: Mary Harris Jones
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#11. You came into my life. You pulled me away from my pain. You molded me into a better person, but I think that was what I needed then ... not now. - Author: K.A. Linde
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