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Top 34 Winning Soccer Quotes

#1. Get the best player because whether it's soccer or whether it's anything else the team with the best players wins. So focus your energy on getting the best and getting rid of the weakest. - Author: Jack Welch
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#2. One thing will not change - we will be going out to win. - Author: David Beckham
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#3. This will be their 19th consecutive game without a win unless they can get an equaliser. - Author: Alan Green
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#4. I felt that we couldn't win the game. It was absolutely shocking. - Author: Martin O'Neill
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#5. He's got great credentials by winning the World Cup but he did it with Brazil - my granny could probably have managed Brazil to World Cup success. - Author: Gary Lineker
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#6. We won the European Championship last September and now the world title. That is some year for French beach soccer! Now comes the hard part. We have to keep improving and that's difficult because it's tough to do better than winning a world title. - Author: Eric Cantona
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#7. Arsenal and Manchester United play the best football. They're not happy with one goal, they want to win by three. - Author: Chris Coleman
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#8. The boys feet have been up in the clouds since the win - Author: Alan Buckley
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#9. We will have to go to win. There's no other option. We have one more match. - Author: Xabi Alonso
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#10. Good players win you games, good formations stop you losing them. - Author: Gordon Strachan
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#11. Forest have now lost six matches without winning. - Author: David Coleman
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#12. The last time I was charged by the FA they had a murder lawyer in against me, so it's going to be a hard case to win. - Author: Roy Keane
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#13. Italians can't win the game against you, but you can lose the game against the Italians. - Author: Johan Cruijff
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#14. Look at my haircut. I am ready for the war. The objective is to win the Premiershp. I don't want to dominate, to finish without defeat, record points or goals or consecutive wins. The Premiership is so difficult you cannot be focused on that. I just think about winning. - Author: Jose Mourinho
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#15. For me soccer provides so many emotions, a different feeling every day. I've had the good fortune to take part in major competitions like the Olympics, and winning the World Cup was also unforgettable. We lost in the Olympics and won in the World Cup, and I'll never forget either feeling. - Author: Ronaldinho
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#16. Liverpool can play for only five minutes and win the game, that is the way they are. They pump the ball into the box and with good set-piece delivery they keep you under pressure. - Author: Alex Ferguson
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#17. The more difficult the victory, the greater the happiness in winning. - Author: Pele
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#18. It is a cup final and the one who wins it goes through - Author: Jimmy Hill
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#19. I said to them last week that I'd like them to win ugly and they certainly won ugly today. That was the ugliest thing I've seen since the ugly sisters fell out of the ugly tree. - Author: Terry Butcher
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#20. Four wins in four matches. It could not be better ... the world is fantastic. - Author: Jose Mourinho
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#21. It was a game we should have won. We lost it because we thought we were going to win it. But then again, I thought that there was no way we were going to get a result there. - Author: Jack Charlton
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#22. We're in the top six, we've got five points and I've told the lads we need another 80 to win the League. - Author: Joe Kinnear
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#23. In fact that's Swindon's first win of any kind in nine matches - Author: David Coleman
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#24. It feel like winning the cup final, if that's what it feels like - Author: Graham Hawkins
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#25. Winning doesn't really matter as long as you win - Author: Vinnie Jones
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#26. Never go for a 50-50 ball unless you're 80-20 sure of winning it. - Author: Ian Darke
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#27. Chile have three options - they could win or they could lose. - Author: Kevin Keegan
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#28. To be the ultimate team, you must use your body and your mind. Draw up on the resources of your teammates. Choose your steps wisely and you will win. Remember, only teams succeed. - Author: Jose Mourinho
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#29. Notting Forest are having a bad run, they've lost six matches in a row now without winning - Author: David Coleman
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#30. I have only been here since 1996 but between 1966 and 1996 England had thirty years without foreign players and didn't win any more competitions in that time. - Author: Arsene Wenger
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#31. Youth soccer is big business. If I don't win, it doesn't matter if I'm developing players, my business is going to hell. - Author: Tony DiCicco
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#32. Winning the Championship is like taking a 26-year ball and chain from around our legs. Now we can go forward, and hopefully dominate English football for the next 10 years, like Liverpool did. - Author: Bryan Robson
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#33. It's a Renaissance, or put more simply, some you win, some you lose - Author: Des Lynam
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#34. A win tonight is the minimum City must achieve - Author: Alan Parry
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