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Top 25 Wink Martindale Quotes

#1. Earth does not need you, you need the earth. To save yourself, save the earth.

Vinita Kinra

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#2. The code that most prisoners live by is an extension of the masculine roles they were taught growing up, how they were conditioned about what it means to be a man: you've got to be strong, you've got to be tough, you've got to be in charge.

James Fox

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#3. I have loved hosting over the years, simply because I love working with people. It's the perfect job.

Wink Martindale

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#4. Freedom has always been an expensive thing. History is fit testimony to the fact that freedom is rarely gained without sacrifice and self-denial.

Martin Luther King Jr.

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#5. I feel that everyone who wants to say anything, do anything, should be able to say anything or do anything, within the limits of not hurting another person.

Madalyn Murray O'Hair

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#6. You go to work, tape five shows in one day and then go home and play golf for the rest of the week and then start the week all over. I thought if something like that came along, I'd love to do that.

Wink Martindale

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#7. The things hardest to bear are sweetest to remember.

Lucius Annaeus Seneca

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#8. What." Oh, for God's sake. "Fine. Why wouldn't it ever work out?"
"Because I was, and I remain, utterly and completely and totally ... in love with you." Qhuinn's mouth dropped open.

J.R. Ward

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#9. Radio is immediate.

Wink Martindale

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#10. It is obvious that we can no more explain a passion to a person who has never experienced it than we can explain light to the blind.

T. S. Eliot

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#11. I love doing what I do.

Wink Martindale

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#12. Regis has a great rapport with the American public.

Wink Martindale

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#13. My family suffered very major losses during the Second World War, that's true. In my father's family, there were five brothers. I think four of them died. On my mother's side the picture was pretty much the same. Russia has suffered great losses. And of course we can't forget that.

Vladimir Putin

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#14. And then I did one called High Rollers and that was a lot of fun.

Wink Martindale

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#15. You do realize that passive-aggressive behavior is aggressive behavior for cowards, right?

Carolyn McCray

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#16. I have a studio at home, and do 3 hours a day that way.

Wink Martindale

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#17. The people at home don't care what your problems are. They just know that you're doing that show and you're supposed to do the best you can do. It's not a 9-5 type of job. I've considered myself very lucky to do that kind of work.

Wink Martindale

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#18. Networked cows are the most effective milk generators on the planet.

Peter Hinssen

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#19. When you look at Regis, he really and truly does feel for those people, and I feel like I've done it too. You're giving away somebody else's money so what do you care? It's not your money.

Wink Martindale

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#20. So after being with somebody for any number of days like that, you can't help but feel for them. You can't help them, but you certainly can root for them.

Wink Martindale

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#21. The idea that we sacrifice our innate wisdom at the feet of our Guides is really no different from the rigid religious doctrines that talked us out of our childhood spiritual knowing.

S. Kelley Harrell

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#22. I've often talked about that, and I've been asked that a couple of times and my feeling are that if you have a good show, a bad host will not even hurt the show.

Wink Martindale

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#23. I think anyone that grew up in the '70s and '80s grew up with Bob Barker and Wink Martindale and I think that was just always ... when you were a game show host, you were the man of the hour.

Guy Fieri

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#24. I figure anything over 13 weeks in this business is pretty good.

Wink Martindale

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#25. I'm not that interested in working with impervious people.

Liev Schreiber

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