Top 10 William Spady Quotes

#1. Hell can't hide you and heaven doesn't want you, if I make it out of here alive, you're dead.

Turhan Halil

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#2. At the age of 16, my father's father dropped dead of a heart attack. And I think it changed the course of his life, and he became fascinated with death. He then became a medical doctor and obviously fought death tooth and nail for his patients.

Sally Mann

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#3. By acquiring all of your furniture from different eras and places and things that are expensive and inexpensive, it will make your end product have a great spirit.

Kelly Wearstler

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#4. Mankind have love, animals have affection. The harmonious and beautiful world is revealed.

Gautama Buddha

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#5. It's the child who's supposed to cry, and the mom who makes it all better, not the other way around, which is why mothers will move heaven and earth to hold it together in front of their own kids.

Jodi Picoult

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#6. If Neptune were analogized with a Chevy Impala in mass, then how big is pluto compared to that? Pluto would be a matchbox car sitting on the curb.

Neil DeGrasse Tyson

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#7. It's an incredible play, and not only that, that's the type of plays Malcolm makes for our team.

Tom Brady

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#8. To me, the fashion and architecture I like are very closely linked. Both should be clean and simple and without embellishment.

Leon Max

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#9. Education can become a self-fulfilling activity, liberating in and of itself.

Abraham Maslow

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#10. Life has changed enormously, and I hope - I hope more people read good things.

Barbara Bush

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