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Top 36 Wife And Football Quotes

#1. In the summer, you miss the match days, but my wife gets angry, as she doesn't see me on weekends. And football is work. I'm still working on the weekends. - Author: Andrea Della Valle
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#2. Who taught that heaven-directed spire to rise? - Author: Alexander Pope
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#3. As a footballer's wife, I take great exception to the way we are portrayed in Footballers' Wives. - Author: Karren Brady
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#4. I have been blessed with a long and healthy career as a professional athlete and as I move forward into the next stage of my life, chiropractic care will continue to be an important part of my game. - Author: Jerry Rice
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#5. My wife tells me one day, 'I think you love baseball more than me.' I say, 'Well, I guess that's true, but hey, I love you more than football and hockey.' - Author: Tommy Lasorda
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#6. I want to play football for as long as my body will let me, and for as long as I can do a good job at it. And I want a wife. A son. Maybe another kid. - Author: Jaci Burton
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#7. I was at one time a football wife, and there is a certain level of bonding that happens between women who are the wives of football players. - Author: Gabrielle Union
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#8. When I'm in town on Sundays, I sometimes go down to the Central Bar in the East Village to watch English football. But my natural inclination now is to get in the car with my wife and kids and get out of town. - Author: Joe Scarborough
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#9. Being first lady is not just about being the wife but really taking command and having true vision. - Author: Tyra Banks
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#10. To my wife 'I told you I was sick'. - Author: Lou Holtz
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#11. My wife runs the house much better than I could so I think she could be a linesman or a referee or even a football manager and that's the truth. - Author: Ian Holloway
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#12. These so-called big stars are people we are supposed to be looking up to. Well they are weak and soft. Priorities have changed in football and they are being dictated to by their wives. - Author: Roy Keane
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#13. He who has once begun to live by robbery will always find pretexts for seizing what belongs to others; - Author: Niccolo Machiavelli
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#14. A well-known writer said writing is like getting sick to your stomach. You throw up and clean up afterward. - Author: Maija Rhee Devine
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#15. A second advantage of static factory methods is that, unlike constructors, they are not required to create a new object each time they're invoked. - Author: Joshua Bloch
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#16. Let us kill each other with love and kindness - not with hatred and guns. - Author: Debasish Mridha
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#17. Being thick isn't an affliction if you're a footballer, because your brains need to be in your feet. And Beckham works hard, he's brave and he crosses a ball superbly. He treats a football like he does a wife, lovingly, with caresses. - Author: Brian Clough
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#18. What I've done is far worse than murder - that's an act, a blow, a stab, a shot: it's over and done, but I'm carrying my corruption around with me. It's the coating of my stomach.' He threw her wrists aside like seeds towards the stony floor. 'Never pretend I haven't shown my love. - Author: Graham Greene
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#19. A good football coach needs a patient wife, a loyal dog and a great quarterback - but not necessarily in that order. - Author: Bud Grant
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#20. My goal is to be a racer, and I want to be someone who inspires Americans to watch Formula One. - Author: Alexander Rossi
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#21. Of course I didn't take my wife to see Rochdale as an anniversary present. It was her birthday and would I have got married during the football season? Anyway, it was Rochdale reserves. - Author: Bill Shankly
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#22. My wife loves football, but I think she's resigned to the fact that I'll never make it there. - Author: Mario Andretti
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#23. You can change your wife, your politics, your religion, but never, never can you change your favourite football team. - Author: Eric Cantona
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#24. I take pride in my life-my wife, my family. I try my best not to have football define the person that I am. - Author: Troy Polamalu
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#25. I went in and auditioned for one of the main guys for 'The League' when it was first casting, and I was so excited because I was like, 'Oh my God, this is my life!' I love fantasy football, and I play with my buddies, and my wife is frustrated with it. - Author: Ike Barinholtz
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#26. When the child is twelve, your wife buys her a splendidly silly article of clothing called a training bra. To train what? I never had a training jock. And believe me, when I played football, I could have used a training jock more than any twelve-year-old needs a training bra. - Author: Bill Cosby
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#27. The positions I played, every play, I was making contact, not like that Deion Sanders. He couldn't tackle my wife. He's back there dancing out there instead of hitting. - Author: Chuck Bednarik
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#28. Who am I to judge another when I myself walk as an imperfect man. - Author: John Doc Fuller
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#29. Husband: a man who buys his football tickets four months in advance and waits until the day before his anniversary to buy his wife a gift. - Author: Rita Rudner
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#30. Isn't it a shame that some people's 'weaknesses' can be so strong. - Author: Stanley Victor Paskavich
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#31. My wife doesn't like Football but she watches it just for Messi. - Author: Roger Federer
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#32. In the last year my wife has noticed me struggling to get downstairs on a Sunday morning. I've two young children and football has been so good to me over the years I don't want to spoil it. - Author: Graeme Le Saux
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#33. Happiness does not come from football awards. It's terrible to correlate happiness with football. Happiness comes from a good job, being able to feed your wife and kids. I don't dream football, I dream the American dream - two cars in a garage, be a happy father. - Author: Barry Sanders
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#34. you either die alone, surrounded by the ghosts of all the people who ever let you down, or you live a life full of flawed people whose imperfections you've made a choice to overlook. - Author: Julie Johnson
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#35. The real measure of your "wealth" is how much you'd be worth if you lost all your money. - Author: Ziad K. Abdelnour
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#36. John Bond has blackened my name with his insinuations about the private lives of football managers. Both my wives are upset. - Author: Malcolm Allison
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