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#1. So I can't explain why, for the next twenty minutes, I stand at the window quietly willing him with my mind to come inside and erase the distance between us. - Author: Colleen Oakley
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#2. Love can be so sttange and sad. It can be hard to understand why we run toward certain people and away from others at different times in our lives. Why we search so hard for that thing we are looking for, and the run so fast when we find it. Sick Pleasure - Francesca Lia Block - Author: Stephanie Perkins
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#3. Death isn't funny."
"Then why are there so many jokes about death? Jill, with us - us humans - death is so sad that we must laugh at it. - Author: Robert A. Heinlein
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#4. In sooth I know not why I am so sad.
It wearies me, you say it wearies you;
But how I caught it, found it, or came by it,
What stuff 'tis made of, whereof it is born,
I am to learn; ... - Author: William Shakespeare
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#5. It doesn't need to be happy so to be interesting, there are outside sad stories which are also interesting... if you know what's about overall..., know the ending... don't you want to understand why??? By going deeper and deeper!? - Author: Deyth Banger
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#6. How could an Angel break my heart? Why didn't he catch my falling star? I wish I didn't wish so hard. Maybe I wished our love apart. - Author: Toni Braxton
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#7. You know, why at the end of your life should you assemble thousands of pages of 'Why am I so sad, why am I so depressed?' Instead, assemble thousands of pages of why you're so content. - Author: Elizabeth Gilbert
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#8. Why are they so sad?" I asked.
"Well, they're dead," Carter speculated. - Author: Rick Riordan
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#9. I was so sad from losing two of my dogs and my mother. I had this vision of all these animals sitting behind bars. They had no control and were scared. That's why I got into fostering and adopting animals out. - Author: Linda Blair
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#10. Ahh, love, why is it so easy to let you in, but so difficult to let you out? Why couldn't you subsist only two-sided? - Author: Pawan Mishra
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#11. N sooth, I know not why I am so sad:
It wearies me; you say it wearies you;
But how I caught it, found it, or came by it,
What stuff 'tis made of, whereof it is born,
I am to learn;
And such a want-wit sadness makes of me,
That I have much ado to know myself. - Author: William Shakespeare
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#12. Why is it?.. I'm so sad and so lonely. But the tears just won't come. - Author: Hiro Mashima
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#13. You would get longer livelier and more frequent letters from me, if it weren't for the Christian religion. How that bell tolling at the end of the garden, dum dum, dum dum, annoys me! Why is Christianity so insistent and so sad? - Author: Virginia Woolf
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#14. -Why are you so sad?
- Because you speak to me in words and I look at you with feelings. - Author: Leo Tolstoy
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#15. And why does man weep when he is sad? I asked at last - Because the glass in the eyes must be washed now and then, so that we can see clearly, said the child. - Author: August Strindberg
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#16. I've played a ghost, cat, snake. I've been funny, sad. I've been filmed flying on screen. So why not spend time on something else? I don't need to accept everything I'm offered. - Author: Maggie Cheung
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#17. GreenHollyWood blocked me on skype..., and why???
I can't make black jokes???
So you can make, but I can't so sad! - Author: Deyth Banger
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#18. The best quality about Kobe Bryant? You want me to be honest? I don't know. I'll tell you why. I open my arms to everybody. But he never stepped forward for the embrace. So I never really got to know him. I don't know anything about him, and it's kinda sad. - Author: Shaquille O'Neal
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#19. Oh, you break my heart. Why does everything have to be so sad to you? Why do you have so many negative opinions about things you don't know about, like foreign countries and diseases and everything? Why can't you be more like Chief Wayne? He has zero opinions. He's just upbeat. - Author: George Saunders
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#20. In sooth I know not why I am so sad. - Author: William Shakespeare
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#21. There would be no twilight, I realized that. Ah, very sad indeed. But as a vampire I often beheld the twilight. So why should I complain? - Author: Anne Rice
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#22. I stumbled away. I pressed the back of my hand to my mouth and just looked at
him. "What was that?"
His chest rose and fell heavily. "A kiss."
"Why?" He laughed. His blue eyes suddenly looked so sad. "Because I've wanted to do that for twenty years. - Author: Elizabeth Morgan
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#23. Truth I know not why I am so sad. It wearies me: you say it wearies you; But how I got it
came by it. - Author: J. Sheridan Le Fanu
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#24. That could be made into a sad song, Simon supposed. 'If they are eggs, why are they gray? Who can say, who can say?'
Admittedly, "Why Are the Eggs So Gray?" might not be a big hit, even on the hipster circuit. - Author: Cassandra Clare
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#25. It was always the same feeling of sadness that washed over me when I drank. I never understood why I hadn't realized that if i stayed away from liqour, I might not be so depressed all the time about him. Maybe it was a sick form of torture that i really enjoyed. - Author: Holly Hood
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#26. Sometimes we get sad about things and we don't like to tell other people that we are sad about them. We like to keep it a secret. Or sometimes, we are sad but we really don't know why we are sad, so we say we aren't sad but we really are. - Author: Mark Haddon
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#27. Isn't this exactly what I wanted? Why do I feel so sad then, like I had suddenly just lost everything? - Author: S.C. Stephens
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#28. And now I have to stop. Because every time I remember this, I have to cry a little by myself. I don't know why something that made me so happy then feels so sad now. Maybe that is the way it is with the best memories. - Author: Amy Tan
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#29. We look at death from the selfish side, like: "That guy died. Oh, it's so sad." Why is it sad? He's away from all of this bad stuff that's here on Earth. I mean, at the worst, he's just somewhere quiet, no nothing. At best, he's an angel ... or he's a spirit somewhere. What is so bad about that? - Author: Tupac Shakur
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#30. You know what 'Dolores' means? It's Latin, means sadness. Our Lady of Sorrow. Why are you so sad? - Author: Wally Lamb
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#31. So why must it wound him that the most despairing music is full of beauty? Why must it hurt him and make him cynical and sad and untrusting? - Author: Anne Rice
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#32. Thats beautiful! Sad and beautiful, murmured Meggie. Why were sad stories often so beautiful? It was different in real life. - Author: Cornelia Funke
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#33. Monkeys
What! His partner said.
Monkeys are funny, said Peabody.'So why didn't we we pick monkeys.
His partner sighed and shook his head with sad dismay.
Monkeys? Jesus.
Monkeys' idea of fun is throwing their shit at you. Monkeys always take the joke a step too far. - Author: Toby Barlow
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#34. But, of course only morons would ever think or speak of themselves as intellectuals. That's why they all look so sad. - Author: Ellen Glasgow
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#35. I only write when I'm angry or sad, so because that's when I just have to write ... If I'm having a good time and I'm happy and things are going really well, why would I want to stop what I'm doing to go and write at the piano? - Author: Fiona Apple
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#36. Hey. (She took his chin in her hand so that she could move his head back and forth while she examined him.) You're hurting in there. That would make akri very sad. He doesn't like for his Dark-Hunters to hurt and the Simi don't like it when akri is sad. Why are you hurt? (Simi) - Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
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#37. So if we're both so happy, why are we sad? - Author: Leah Raeder
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#38. Why does your sword so drip with blood, Edward, Edward? Why does your sword so drip with blood? And why so sad are ye? - Author: Cassandra Clare
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#39. The life's story of great geniuses is a sad one, without much tangible reward, which does not inspire future generations to face a similar fate. Alas also, it stands to reason why so many talent will not come to sparkle on the artistic firmanent. - Author: Joseph Haydn
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#40. Yes, of course Yahweh could defeat all of Judah's enemies." "Then why didn't He, Grandpa?" Zechariah's face looked sad as he shook his head. "Because our nation no longer believes in Him ... and so no one bothered to ask Him to. - Author: Lynn Austin
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#41. Many people lack the passion to keep trying in their relationships. I believe that is why people start to resent their lovers and start cheating on them. It's sad really. Love is so wonderful and so worth fighting for. - Author: Roxanne Hargrove
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#42. But I knew the truth and that's why I was so sad. Every moment before this one depends on this one. Everything in the history of the world can be proven wrong in one moment. - Author: Jonathan Safran Foer
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#43. It was sad, the imbalance of it all. Why do kids assume so much from one parent and hold the other to a lower, looser standard? - Author: Mitch Albom
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#44. I am ... sad and angry. Why is my spirit so sad and angry? I look back at my life and all I can remember is rage and rage and rage. - Author: Chris Adrian
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#45. I dont understand why my fans cry when they see me. Do I make you sad? No, right? So smile, I like that! - Author: Justin Bieber
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#46. Why is it that so many of us persist in thinking that autumn is a sad season? Nature has merely fallen asleep, and her dreams must be beautiful if we are to judge by her countenance. - Author: Samuel Taylor Coleridge
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#47. Why are you so sad, akri? (Simi)
I'm not sad, Simi. (Acheron)
Yes you are. I know you, akri, you gots that pain in your heart like the Simi gets whenever she cries. (Simi) - Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
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#48. If it makes you happy
It can't be that bad
If it makes you happy
Then why the hell are you so sad - Author: Sheryl Crow
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#49. Why is it so? Why is it that our sad mind feels relaxed when we see others facing more than us and not feel happy when we see those same getting more than us? Why is it so? - Author: Bhavik Sarkhedi
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#50. What if I don't give a shit about the world?"
"I'd say that's pretty fucking sad."
"Because the world is so beautiful. - Author: Shaun David Hutchinson
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#51. In fact, the likeliest reason why so many of us care so little about politics is that modern politicians makes us sad, hurt us deep down in ways that are hard even to name, much less talk about. - Author: David Foster Wallace
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#52. I found out about reviews early on. They're mostly written by sad men on bad afternoons. That's probably why I'm less angry than some writers, who are so narcissistic they consider every line of every review, even a thoughtful one, as major treason. - Author: Barry Hannah
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#53. I think people, especially the press, like to pick on children of famous people and I think that's awful. Things get made up. It's so, so sad. And there's absolutely nothing you can do about it as a 16-year-old. You're like ... 'Why? What did I do?' - Author: Dakota Johnson
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#54. Keep everything in perspective if you wish to be happy. For example ... Losing an arm is more an inconvenience than a catastrophe. Things could be a lot worse so why not be grateful they aren't and thereby happy rather than sad? - Author: Eric Allin Cornell
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#55. Edmund felt despair eating away at his victory. "Why is the world like this?" He shivered. "Why does it feel so cold, so hard?"
A smile flickered on John's face, one that was neither happy nor sad. "What would be the worth of goodness, in a world that always rewarded it? - Author: Matthew Jobin
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#56. Ariel: "Why do such stories always sound so sad? Why can't people part on more amiable terms?"
Danny: "Human nature," he said. "When feelings change and a person is at their most insecure, it's a matter of personal survival, I think. It's not always meant to hurt, but it often does. - Author: Judith-Victoria Douglas
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#57. Why do we capital-N Nerds love Mars so much? Because it's beautiful, it's tough, it's buried in our mythic, childhood memories. It's covered with human triumphs but also with sad stories of failure. - Author: Greg Bear
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#58. He wanted to know her. Intimate secrets: Why poetry? Why so sad? Why that grayness in her eyes? Why so alone? Not lonely, just alone - riding her bike across campus or sitting off by herself in the cafeteria - even dancing, she danced alone - and it was the aloneness that filled him with love - Author: Tim O'Brien
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