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#1. She says screens are the cigarettes of our age. They're toxic, and we're only going to realize the damage they're doing when it's too late. - Author: Sophie Kinsella
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#2. You should write about your life. It's kind of funny. When it's not depressing as hell. - Author: Jeni Decker
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#3. He taught me housekeeping; when I divorce I keep the house. - Author: Zsa Zsa Gabor
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#4. It's funny, when I lived in Ohio, I would read about extraordinary, eccentric characters in books and plays, but I couldn't imagine them in real life. Then I came to New York. - Author: Fiona Davis
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#5. I had a dream about you. You were lost in a daydream, when I walked in and you began screaming. But I know that could never actually happen. In real life I only enter people's nightmares. - Author: Bauvard
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#6. There is a story I always tell my students ... when I came for the 1st time to the US. I didn't speak English (Only Spanish) & I saw on every door the word "exit" which in Spanish means Success = Exito. And then I said :"No wonder Americans are winners ,every door they open leads to success - Author: Pablo
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#7. When I made coffee and Xeroxed and distributed newspapers at ABC News, I thought my life was over. - Author: Katie Couric
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#8. It was the most fun I've ever had on a movie. It was one of the happiest times in my life. I was living in New York, and I really enjoyed acting at the time. Also, it's funny because that was also the time when I went downhill. - Author: Mickey Rourke
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#9. I do find things funny. When you see life through the eyes of someone with a good sense of humor, which my grandmother did, life is a human comedy. - Author: George Takei
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#10. When mice run, cats give chase. - Author: Rachel Vincent
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#11. When I hear a great musician, I can feel his life inside the music. - Author: John McLaughlin
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#12. There's a funny thing I've noticed about life. When you really dread something, it turns out not to be so bad. It's the unexpected awful things that get you down. - Author: Elizabeth Laird
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#13. I washed a sock. Then I put it in the dryer. When I took it out, it was gone. - Author: Steven Wright
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#14. I think that comedy is a good defense for a child. Because you know childhood is a nightmare as it is. And so why not use comedy and being funny as a defense to get through your life as opposed to drugs, alcohol and good looks? Because those things are dangerous when your young. - Author: Joy Behar
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#15. Me, as myself, I don't think I'm particularly funny. But I've noticed that people in my life always have found me amusing. Which, when I was little, really bothered me. - Author: Madeline Kahn
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#16. When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. Then find someone who's life is givin' them vodka and have a party! - Author: Ron White
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#17. Business, like life, is funny. We all go through difficult times, and we all have to face curve balls and challenges, each and every week. And we need to laugh when things are funny. - Author: Ronnie Apteker
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#18. When I first met you, you were just an annoying novice nurse. But I found out that you saved my life and now you're my little sister. Isn't it funny. - Author: Kim Young-kwang
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#19. When I write, it feels like there are two little creatures that sit on each of my shoulders. One whispers, "You can do this. You've got what it takes." The other sounds like my mother-in-law. - Author: Carla H. Krueger
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#20. Sympathy is why when a man is getting mugged, you let him keep his shirt after you take his life. Funerals are respectable affairs, after all. - Author: Bauvard
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#21. You support me when I falter, and give me strength to bear the pain of my past. You make me laugh until I hurt, and soothe me when I'm tied up inside. It's funny how things work out, how life can throw curveballs, yet two people wind up exactly where they're supposed to be. - Author: Kristin Miller
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#22. When in doubt, always compliment a woman's eyeliner application. - Author: Lindsey Kelk
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#23. In a funny way, when things went wrong in my life - and it is my fault that they went wrong, it is not anyone else's fault - and all the glittering outside things were taken away, I was left with the things of most value. - Author: Kimberly Quinn
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#24. I think the mirror should be tilted slightly upward when it's reflecting life
toward the cheerful, the tender, the compassionate, the brave, the funny, the encouraging, all those things
and not tilted down to the gutter part of the time, into the troubled vistas of conflict. - Author: Greer Garson
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#25. To truly fail in life is to never try. When you fall on your face, it is an opportunity for you to find the road again. It may remind you how hard the road is, but you will never forget its presence once you make contact. - Author: H.L. Stephens
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#26. The issue of who will throw the garbage won't be so trivial when no one is throwing it away, and it starts to stink. When the plates pile up in the kitchen sink, or when the bathroom is grimy and the shampoo ran out. No, it won't be funny then. - Author: Eeva Lancaster
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#27. When somebody is doing something really funny, in real life and as a performer, my instinct is to join them. - Author: Jake M. Johnson
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#28. I had a dream about you last night. We stopped telling each other about our dreams when we realized we were still inside them. - Author: Michael Summers
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#29. Economists and psychologists get confused when they are asked 'out of syllabus' questions by life! - Author: Saurabh Sharma
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#30. I know some people say I can be funny. But there is always a deeper meaning to what I say. I am a socialist at heart and have the interests of the poor in mind. When people see how I manage to work my way out of tough situations, it gives them hope in their own life. - Author: Lalu Prasad Yadav
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#31. It's funny, 'cause you think surfing is your whole life, but then when you make a family it seems like it's not at all. - Author: Joel Parkinson
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#32. I got me a fine wife and I got me old fiddle, when the suns coming up I got cakes on the griddle. And life ain't nothing, but a funny, funny riddle. - Author: John Denver
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#33. I like birthdays because we celebrate life with cakes. It's so cool. Sometimes when I see a baby, I'm like that much more cake in the world. But then when someone dies, I'm like the cake streak is over ... - Author: Demetri Martin
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#34. I will never deny that life isn't fair. It seems as though when a woman leaves a man she is strong and independent, but when a man leaves a woman he is a pig and a jerk. - Author: Criss Jami
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#35. Funny how when your life is mostly bullshit, you turn off feeling.
Sometimes it's hard to turn it back on again. - Author: Ellen Hopkins
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#36. When they throw the water on the witch, she says, "Who would have thought a good little girl like you could destroy my beautiful wickedness". That line inspired my life. I sometimes say it to myself before I go to sleep, like a prayer. - Author: John Waters
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#37. Yes. Yes, when we live our life like 1950s detective films. I often go to my fridge, "Hullo, we're out of milk. I say mother, where's the milk?" - Author: Bill Bailey
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#38. Not everything's funny, Mother."
"No," said Leola, "so I guess when you can laugh,, it's all the sweeter. - Author: Lorna Landvik
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#39. Coincidentally, a good age for a Japanese girl is younger than twenty five, because that's when she turns into a 'Christmas Cake'. Christmas cakes, as everyone knows, are desirable before the twenty fifth but afterward quickly become stale and are put on the shelf. - Author: Andrew Davidson
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#40. Every movie I do, I always use things that have happened in my life. Funny moments, anything. If it just sticks out I'll write it down and use that, too, because it has to come out of you. But no one can work when they're depressed. I don't think I'd physically be able to do it if I were depressed. - Author: Kirsten Dunst
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#41. It's funny, when you're a child you think time will never go by, but when you hit about twenty, time passes like you're on the fast train to Memphis. I guess life just slips up on everybody. It sure did on me. - Author: Fannie Flagg
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#42. When I reflect upon the number of disagreeable people who have gone on to a better world, I am moved to lead a different life. - Author: Mark Twain
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#43. The nightmare is you spend the rest of your life being funny at parties and then people say, 'Why didn't you do that when you were on television?' - Author: Conan O'Brien
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#44. I'm actually pretty good at stripping, which makes me wonder what happened in my previous life. Funny enough, I don't wear a lot of clothes when I dance and it's very sexy, so it wasn't too hard to get into the motion of it. - Author: Julianne Hough
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#45. That's one thing about my shows. I tell people, I'm not a comedian, I'm just a really funny reporter. I put my life out there and make it entertaining. By putting it out there, it helps me to deal with it, you know, so I don't snap and so I don't go off the handle when I get home. - Author: Gabriel Iglesias
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#46. Life has a funny way of giving us answers when we haven't even asked the questions. - Author: Jennifer Olds
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#47. Is it just me, or do you also think this is unnatural behavior in a female parent? Isn't there a federal law that says mothers are not allowed to laugh at vulnerable male children when they are required to wear stupid clothing to work?
There should be. - Author: Ann Edwards Cannon
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#48. It's funny when you write a song - it's easy for me now - but there's almost a second stage where you take control of the song. You start writing it, and if you're not careful, it just finishes itself and it might not be what you wanted. It's very strange, it takes over itself. It has its own life. - Author: Kate Bush
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#49. It's funny how even when you've lived with someone your whole life, they can still surprise you. - Author: Shannon Wiersbitzky
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#50. Life is hard enough, so when you can get any joy out of it, whether it's something you do on a day-to-day basis, or the people in your life, or going to see a funny movie, there's just nothing better. That's what life is about. - Author: Ari Graynor
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#51. Be the kind of woman who, when your feet hit the floor each morning, the devil says Oh, no! She's up. - Author: Joanne Clancy
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#52. Well life has a funny way of sneaking up on you When you think everything's okay and everything's going right And life has a funny way of helping you out when You think everything's gone wrong and everything blows up In your face - Author: Alanis Morissette
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#53. There is a time early in life when there seem to be countless reasons for happiness, and then you discover your mom is making them up. - Author: Robert Breault
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#54. It's funny how things don't matter any more when it's too late. - Author: Carole Matthews
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#55. I'm an off-road racecar driver. And I think every woman in my life has told me that's not a sensible hobby. But when I was growing, even more than I wanted to be funny, I wanted to be a racecar driver. That's all I thought about. I worked for a race team when I was 15 and I traveled with them. - Author: Dax Shepard
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#56. What you discover about life's shell game is that it's hardest to follow the pea when you're the pea. - Author: Robert Breault
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#57. Funny to think that every day you have ever lived is a yesterday, and you will never live one single tomorrow. But then again, every day is a today when you're living it. - Author: Mik Everett
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#58. Smiles are a funny thing
and laughter is hilarious.
I smile sometimes
when I am delirious. - Author: Casey Renee Kiser
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#59. Airplane Law, The: When the plane you are on is late, the plane you want to transfer to is on time. - Author: Paul Dickson
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#60. When I started my program ... there was a big clock in the corner and I looked and it said nine o'clock exactly. And it was funny, because when I was standing on the podium, it said exactly 10 p.m., and this whole hour had changed my life. - Author: Sarah Hughes
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#61. When life gives you lemons, chunk it right back. - Author: Bill Watterson
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#62. I'm OK with being single, but I'm not OK when the time comes where I have to move my furniture around and to change the high ceiling light balls ... - Author: Hiroko Sakai
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#63. When in doubt," Calypso said, "Tater Tots. - Author: Rick Riordan
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#64. It's funny how people mark their lives, the benchmarks they choose to decide when the moment is more of a moment than any other. For life is made of them. I like to think the best ones of all are in my mind, that they run through my blood in their own memory bank for no one else but me to see. - Author: Cecelia Ahern
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#65. One of the greatest pieces of advice I've ever gotten in my life was from my mom. When I was a little kid there was a kid who was bugging me at school and she said Okay, I'm gonna tell you what to do. If the kid's bugging you and puts his hands on you; you pick up the nearest rock ... - Author: Johnny Depp
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#66. Life's funny. You have to find a way to keep going, to keep laughing, even after you realize that none of your dreams will come true. When you realize that, there's still so much of a life to get through. - Author: Claire Messud
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#67. Life is funny, isn't it? Just when you get used to something, poof! It changes. - Author: Indiblogger
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#68. When a female cop pull you over for speeding, to get out of the ticket, talk nice to her, try to flirt or start crying, i bet she will save the ticket for you. - Author: Werley Nortreus
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#69. I mean really, how could an artistic individual stay grounded in the nitty-gritty of how many minutes per pound meat has to stay in the oven when trying to fathom the creative philosophy behind the greatest artistic minds of the world? - Author: E.A. Bucchianeri
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#70. A man doesn't like to have his ego popped, especially when he prides himself on his sagacity, and then to be proved wrong by a man who claims he doesn't know anything. - Author: E.A. Bucchianeri
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#71. Are there days when you find life terribly confusing?

Only when I have a girlfriend. - Author: Erin McCahan
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#72. It's funny how people can change your life without meaning to. Even the fucked-up, crazy people leave everything different when they go away. - Author: Seanan McGuire
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#73. When I'm interviewed on Leno, just be funny, period. That's all they want from me. I don't want to tell my life story. - Author: David Spade
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#74. When nature calls, I don't let it go to voicemail. - Author: Nenia Campbell
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#75. Funny, how just when you think life can't possibly get any worse it suddenly does. - Author: Douglas Adams
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#76. There have been times when I truly feel like I'm retarded and that everybody thinks I'm retarded, and because they think I'm retarded, I get nervous and I act like a retard, which simply fulfills their expectations. It's a big circle. The retarded circle of my life. - Author: Geoff Herbach
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#77. When asked "If you could meet any famous person living or dead," I always ask whether the dead person would be alive again when I meet them. - Author: Ashish Chauhan
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#78. It's funny that when the one person you live for is ripped out of your life you can still find a way to convince yourself it's for the best and that you will eventually get over it.
What a joke. - Author: Cassia Leo
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#79. My initial introduction to him was - this is a funny story ... My Aunt Marian, my entire life growing up, told me that I looked like Charlie Chaplin. That didn't really resonate with me when I was younger - I hadn't seen a lot of his films. - Author: Rob McClure
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#80. It's funny, but when I arrived in California to start college I was much more interested in becoming a surfer and cruise along in life from one beach to the next. I didn't plan out any huge career for myself. - Author: Benicio Del Toro
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#81. Funny how we look for miracles in our lives when our life is one big miracle in itself. - Author: Victoria Finlay
When Life Funny Quotes #1152302
#82. Her voice was erudite, interesting; the voice of someone who straddled two cultures with a surety and style that I wished my boyfriend could find. She was smart, funny, and, above all, completely capable of controlling her life and what happened to it. - Author: Ruth Ahmed
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#83. What is serious in laughing, worrying, grieving, mourning, concerning about anything which is temporary? Well, it is funny, actually, when you know life isn't immortal. - Author: Bhavik Sarkhedi
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#84. If you don't do anything stupid when you're young, you won't remember something funny when you're old. - Author: Auliq Ice
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#85. That's the funny thing about life...you don't know you're missing something. Then when you get it, you don't know what you'd do without it. - Author: D.K. Hamilton
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#86. Life does not cease to be funny when people die any more than it ceases to be serious when people laugh. - Author: Antoine De Saint-Exupery
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#87. When life gives you lemons, squirt someone in the eye. - Author: Cathy Guisewite
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#88. Funny how you can live your whole life waiting and not know it ... Waiting for your real life to begin. Maybe the most real thing the end. To realize when it's too late. I know now that I loved him more than anything on earth or off of it. - Author: Peter Heller
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#89. Faith is a funny thing. It's easy to believe while life is rolling merrily along. But in times of trial, it's tempting to turn away from God. Yet that's when we need him the most. - Author: Irene Hannon
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#90. It just doesn't seem right to spend your entire life drinking, when you could be exploring the world."
"Or," Zhy said as he hefted a mug to his lips, "it doesn't seem right to be risking your life running down warlocks when you could be sitting on a nice, warm bar stool. - Author: Martin D. Gibbs
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#91. It's funny when I read the tabloids and they're reporting on only a fraction of the life I'm leading. - Author: Zach Braff
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#92. Life is a very brief candle especially when you burn it at both ends - Author: Josh Stern
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#93. I find it funny when people try to brag about being younger than me ... like having lived less is an accomplishment. Makes me want to pat them on the head, lol. I'm comfortable with who I am. - Author: Michelle M. Pillow
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#94. Humor and profundity are not mutually exclusive, and life can be, and mostly is, serious and funny simultaneously. It's not always easy to capture that in words, but when T.M. Shine manages to do so, it's a sign of a master at work. - Author: Tom Shroder
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#95. The funny thing is, in reality we all just presume that life is going to happen when we wake up in the morning. What if it didn't? - Author: A. Antares
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#96. When you're in love it's the most glorious two and a half days of your life. - Author: Richard Lewis
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#97. I live in a world where school is in a precarious balance with social life, parties, and sports games. He lives in a world where school is all-consuming, and when his homework isn't, Star Wars and video games are. - Author: Selena Brooks
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#98. Life's pretty funny when you're objectively on the outside looking at it. - Author: Philip Seymour Hoffman
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#99. It's funny, but you get to a time in your life when you think you have all the friends you will ever have. - Author: Liam Neeson
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#100. When you're a woman in your thirties, and maybe you don't really know what you want to do with your life, but it seems like everyone else does, and your best friend gets married, and it forces you to look at yourself. I don't know if I described that in a very funny way. - Author: Kristen Wiig
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