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#1. The human imagination, in conjunction with technology, has become a force so potent that it really can no longer be unleashed on the surface of the planet with safety. - Author: Terence McKenna
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#2. These new technologies are not yet inevitable. But if they blossom fully into being, freedom may irrevocably perish. This is a fight not only for the meaning of our individual lives, but for the meaning of our life together. - Author: Bill McKibben
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#3. I'd been beguiled by the new technology - a toddler crawling toward a gun. - Author: Jon Ronson
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#4. Like any great art, the culture of hip-hop has changed with the times. With the state of technology, music is more accessible and freely exchanged. For hip-hop to grow while keeping a sense of integrity, the essence of the culture has to be handed down and respected like any high form of art. - Author: One9
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#5. The Civic University operates on a global scale but uses its location to form its identity. - Author: John Goddard
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#6. Further, the United States is moving ahead in the development of clean coal technology. There are vast coal reserves in our country, and when it is burned cleanly, coal can provide a resource to supply a large amount of our energy requirements. - Author: Virgil Goode
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#7. HubSpot's CRM and Sidekick are perfect for companies that want to transform how they attract, engage, and delight prospects, customers and leads and want sales technology that matches today's buying process. - Author: Brian Halligan
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#8. Through science, she could reach anyone at anytime around the world, but no one seemed to know what to say. - Author: David Paul Kirkpatrick
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#9. If you look at the history of technology over a couple hundred years, it's all about time compression and making the globe smaller. It's had positive effects, all the ones that we know. So we're much less likely to have the kind of terrible misunderstandings that led to World War I, for example. - Author: Eric Schmidt
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#10. Gianfranco Chicco, a serial conference organizer who has curated numerous innovation and technology events in Europe, is even more romantic in his ambitions. He told me he wants to host a "conference for two" one day. It is sure to be the most exclusive conference ticket on the market. - Author: Tim Leberecht
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#11. The technology in making games and in making anime is really similar. There are common concepts. - Author: Satoshi Tajiri
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#12. The Internet is a telephone system that's gotten uppity. - Author: Clifford Stoll
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#13. It's true that humanity has seen a succession of crises, wars and atrocities, but this negative side is offset by advances in technology and cultural exchanges. - Author: Abbe Pierre
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#14. One of the major problems with China is that its innovation is largely borrowed technology. - Author: Alan Greenspan
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#15. We must ensure that technology is accessible, affordable, and adds value. - Author: Narendra Modi
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#16. E-mail has some magical ability to turn off the politeness gene in a human being. - Author: Jeff Bezos
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#17. Advances in technology - hugely beneficial though they are - render us vulnerable in new ways. For instance, our interconnected world depends on elaborate networks: electric power grids, air traffic control, international finance, just-in-time delivery, and so forth. - Author: Martin Rees
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#18. When you come to the spiritual needs, the emotional needs, the needs of our inner life, then politics and business and technology are completely impotent. They are completely unable to meet and address the needs of human beings. - Author: Satish Kumar
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#19. I've learned several lessons over the years. First, never take yourself too seriously, or work is boring. Next, people make the difference. You can have great technology, but if it's not complemented by great people, it won't go anywhere. Finally, customers buy from people they like. - Author: John W. Thompson
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#20. [Google is] an omnivorous collector of information, a hyperencyclopedic vault of human knowledge, an unerring auctioneer, an eerily skilful student of languages, behaviour, and desires. - Author: Steven Levy
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#21. I am positive that in the vast majority of cases we are hammering nails with microscopes. - Author: Arkady Strugatsky
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#22. I do go back and listen to my songs. I'm biting my fingernails the whole way through, but I do listen. I have a lot of songs I've wanted to re-record just because of how advanced technology is and the different instrument sounds that I'm more experienced with. - Author: Andrae Crouch
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#23. Robots are emotionless, so they don't get upset if their buddy is killed, they don't commit crimes of rage and revenge. But ... they see an 80-year-old grandmother in a wheelchair the same way they see a T80 tank; they're both just a series of zeros and ones. - Author: P. W. Singer
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#24. The idea that Area 51 was this test facility working to move science and technology faster and further than any other nation is true and is one of the great hallmarks of Area 51. There are other areas of the base that are controversial - but they both exist simultaneously - out there in the desert. - Author: Annie Jacobsen
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#25. Every organisation faces challenges, but few seize to perform, not due to any shortage of funds, technology or knowledge, but due to the fact that people in such organisations do not use their creativity to explore innovative solution for their challenges. - Author: Sukant Ratnakar
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#26. Images are made palpable, ironed flat by technology and, in turn, dictate the seemingly real through the representative. - Author: Barbara Kruger
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#27. Technology moves so fast and social media moves so fast because everyone wants the new thing, but also, everyone wants to be where their parents are not. Once the mom got a Facebook and a Twitter and an Instagram, I don't want to be there anymore. - Author: Ansel Elgort
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#28. I'd say I'm a true conservative. Liberals have got a monopoly on protecting the environment, or all the cool technology, and I don't think we should cede that territory. - Author: Thomas Massie
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#29. Technology is teaching us to be human again. - Author: Simon Mainwaring
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#30. The most important thing about a technology is how it changes people. - Author: Jaron Lanier
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#31. In the world of technology,In the world of Internet , information,teachings knowledge are spreading so fast but sad no one want to apply or follow because everyone is busy to share. - Author: Mohammed Zaki Ansari
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#32. This is what technology wants, it wants to be a symptom. Like all psychological symptoms, it obscures a problem by "solving" it without addressing it. - Author: Sherry Turkle
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