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Top 34 What Is Art Best Quotes

#1. Music is for souls & hearts to dance & sing.
Art is for expressing your visionary being.
Words are tools for exploring & celebrating.
Time is a pool to swim & dream & create in.
Waste not one jot of what you are given!
Use everything you've got to maximise living. - Author: Jay Woodman
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#2. Speak, what trade art thou?
Why, sir, a carpenter.
Where is thy leather apron and thy rule?
What does thou with thy best apparel on? - Author: William Shakespeare
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#3. Art is what we're doing when we do our best work. - Author: Seth Godin
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#4. What art and books do at their best is investigate why we are the way we are. - Author: Philipp Meyer
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#5. Here's what I just realized: A world in which sport at its best is not seen as some kind of art is a world that doesn't deserve any art. - Author: Tom Bissell
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#6. One of the things my career as an artist might say to young artists is: The things that are close to you are the things you can photograph the best. And unless you photograph what you love, you are not going to make good art. - Author: Sally Mann
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#7. I gave myself over to music and art a long time ago, so I don't get to relax and I don't get to sit still. The best I can do is constantly create my own environment so it benefits what I need to accomplish in the next step. - Author: Jack White
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#8. Success is taking what you know, and creating the best you that you can be. - Author: Tim Fargo
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#9. Some people have been kind enough to call me a fine artist. I've always called myself an illustrator. I'm not sure what the difference is. All I know is that whatever type of work I do, I try to give it my very best. Art has been my life. - Author: Norman Rockwell
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#10. But his very best questions always popped out of his mind, unprepared, never having been written down in advance because they were the angle he picked up on the fly, as he heard an answer to a lesser question. Those creative questions were the art. It is what, in my mind, made his querying great. - Author: Philip A. Fisher
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#11. I'm supposed to be making comics, so I had to do it the best way I knew how, which is what those guys at the beginning of the Twentieth Century were doing. - Author: Art Spiegelman
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#12. My philosophy is to do the best you can for somebody. Help. It's not just what do you for yourself. It's how you treat people decently. The golden rule. There isn't big anything better than the golden rule. It's in every major religion in one language or another. - Author: Art Linkletter
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#13. What is this world? What is it for? It is art. It is the best of all possible art, a finite picture of the Infinite. - Author: N.D. Wilson
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#14. If I'm doing my job correctly, I'm presenting a scenario for you as the reader to engage with on your own. I mean that's what the best art is supposed to do. - Author: T.C. Boyle
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#15. Most of the great practitioners of the art of acting know exactly what they're doing; even in the best, most successful moments, when they let go of the awareness of what they are doing, they still, somewhere deep inside their body, know what they're doing. There is a craft. - Author: Meryl Streep
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#16. The job at Brooklyn is interesting because Brooklyn reflects what happened to university art departments everywhere. It might be the worst department now, and yet at one point it was the best in the country. - Author: Ad Reinhardt
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#17. Art is aesthetic communication of the soul - in fact, it's the best of that communication - and taken in its entirety has formed a body of work to stand alongside Science and Religion as one of the three great constructs of culture to aid the individual in his or her struggle to survive in Nature. - Author: Anthony Marais
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#18. Crafternoon is about making what you want, how you want it, to the best of your ability. And even if you may not think of yourself as a rock star of creativity, it's there inside you. At Crafternoon, you are a CraftStar. - Author: Maura Madden
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#19. I've had people come up to me with the strangest interpretations of what my lyrics might mean, and I'm like, "You go! I never thought of that, but that works,"...I think that true art is a universal reflection, and true artists are just messengers of that reflection or, at best, skilled presentors. - Author: Serj Tankian
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#20. I am of the opinion that the appreciation and the desire for what is good takes more study and insight than does the understanding and test for the best music and art. - Author: Laurance Rockefeller
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#21. When you do not know what you are doing and what you are doing is the best
that is inspiration. - Author: Robert Bresson
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#22. I don't think of myself as making art. I do what I do because I want to, because painting is the best way I've found to get along with myself. - Author: Robert Rauschenberg
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#23. Art doesn't go to sleep in the bed made for it. It would sooner run away than say its own name: what it likes is to be incognito. Its best moments are when it forgets what its own name is. - Author: Jean Dubuffet
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#24. The art of coalition command - whether it is here in Afghanistan, whether it was in Iraq or in Bosnia or in Haiti - is to take the resources you are provided with, understand what the strengths and weaknesses are and to employ them to the best overall effect. - Author: David Petraeus
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#25. The theatre is the best way of showing the gap between what is said and what is seen to be done, and that is why, ragged and gap-toothed as it is, it has still a far healthier potential than some poorer, abandoned arts. - Author: David Hare
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#26. The best works of art are never innocuous: they alter the viewer's perceptual predictions. It is only when the patterns of our vision are disrupted that we truly pay attention and must ask ourselves what we are looking at. - Author: Siri Hustvedt
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#27. Art serves us best precisely at that point where it can shift our sense of what is possible, when we know more than we knew before, when we feel we have - by some manner of a leap - encountered the truth. That, by the logic of art, is always worth the pain. - Author: T. S. Eliot
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#28. The arts open your heart and mind to possibilities that are limitless. They are pathways that touch upon our brains and emotions and bring sustenance to imagination. Human beings' greatest form of communication, they walk in tandem with science and play, and best describe what it is to be human. - Author: Jacques D'Amboise
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#29. The difference between the first and second-best things in art absolutely seems to escape verbal definition
it is a matter of a hair, a shade, an inward quiver of some kind
yet what miles away in the point of preciousness! - Author: William James
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#30. Josh Radnor is that rare thing: a writer-director who thinks like an actor but still knows how to create a comedy with shape and vision. Liberal Arts is the best movie about college I've seen since I don't know what ... Dryly affectionate and super-sharp. Elizabeth Olsen is every inch a star. - Author: Owen Gleiberman
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#31. What is clearest, most memorable and important about art is its coming into being, and the world's best works of art, while telling of very diverse matters, are really telling about their birth. - Author: W.B.Yeats
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#32. There is a difference between obsessive perfectionism and taking time to create something that is the best you can offer. Knowing what needs to be better and stretching to improve yourself is what separates the mediocre from the marvelous. - Author: Suzanna Reeves
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#33. It's gratifying to hear that from people who care about comic art. I never know what to make of it when someone writes to say, "Calvin and Hobbes is the best strip in the paper. I like it even more than Nancy." - Author: Bill Watterson
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#34. Now, there are so many movies, so many festivals, and so many awards going on, each judged with each other, like your work is worse than others and that's not fair. How can you tell what's best and what's worst from these awards? We're talking about art. - Author: Javier Bardem
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