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#1. His hairline. Luckily, the arrival of the salmagundi - Author: Diana Gabaldon
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#2. When you are desperate, it's usually because of fear. - Author: Rene Russo
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#3. I voted for Obama. I was very happy when he won. But Obama hasn't really been able to effectively do anything that has made me ... He hasn't helped the environment. He didn't close Guantanamo Bay. He went deeper into Afghanistan. - Author: Patti Smith
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#4. Every musical movement that is big enough has to produce some good musicians who wouldn't have had the incentive to start playing without it. - Author: Alexis Korner
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#5. But really, he told himself. There are just some people who don't seem like they ever could have been young. It's like trying to imagine my grandparents as little kids. Or - like the guy who played Dumbledore in the Harry Potter movies. No way he was ever young. - Author: Margaret Peterson Haddix
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#6. My body is a projection of my consciousness. - Author: Deepak Chopra
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#7. Never let stress shape your strategy. Most women think better after a brisk walk, a light meal, a massage and a nap. - Author: Barbara Taylor Bradford
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#8. For me, though, the miracle stories written about Jesus in the four Gospels came alive in my spirit. They - Author: Thelma Gilbert
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#9. I can think of nothing less pleasurable than a life devoted to pleasure. - Author: John D. Rockefeller
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