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#1. The boy became a man and left home and became a dying figure on a cross. I want to be able to imagine that what happened to him will not come, it will see us and decide - not now, not them. And we will be left in peace to grow old. - Author: Colm Toibin
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#2. 'Is that really the best you can say? An average-looking boy? An awful lot of boys are average-looking, S.Q.!' And poor S.Q., he just kept arguing that 'this boy was especially average-looking.' " ~ Kate Wetherall, The Mysterious Benedict Society - Author: Trenton Lee Stewart
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#3. What is style? Saying complicated things in a simple way. - Author: Jean Cocteau
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#4. I think I may try and write something about my pretty extraordinary experience with the 101st in Iraq. - Author: Rick Atkinson
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#5. I'm an Afro-realist. I take what comes, and I do my best to affect what is unacceptable in society. - Author: Wole Soyinka
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#6. Now listen, we need to be quiet as mice. No, quieter than that. As quiet as ... as ... "
"Dead mice?" Reynie suggested.
"Perfect," said Kate with an approving nod. "As quiet as dead mice. - Author: Trenton Lee Stewart
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#7. Poor Kate," said Constance, "she's lost her marbles. - Author: Trenton Lee Stewart
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#8. Mr. and Mrs. Wetherall's circle was so large that God was included in their visiting-list. - Author: Edith Wharton
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#9. Do you supplicate plutonium? Do you sing hymns to uranium? We bask in the corona of an insensate majesty. In its sway we seek to lay the foundation blocks of a new city, a new civilization. We're pioneers. Our frontier is the grand wasteland between Alpha and Omega. - Author: Laird Barron
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#10. Everywhere I have sought peace and not found it, except in a corner with a book. - Author: Thomas A Kempis
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