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#1. Guinea has managed to go 42 days consecutively without any new Ebola infections. And that comes after neighboring Sierra Leone and Liberia, the other two West African countries that were hardest hit by Ebola, have been through the same cycle of zero Ebola cases. - Author: Ofeibea Quist-Arcton
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#2. People are fed up with Labour for taking them for granted for far too long, they are fed up of too much spin, and the people of Dunfermline and West Fife have spoken for the rest of the country with their views on the Labour government. - Author: Willie Rennie
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#3. I've always been interested in the history of the West, our country and particularly as it relates to the Native Americans - the original Americans. - Author: Beau Bridges
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#4. It is quite possible that China may reach the stages of socialism and communism considerably later than your countries in the West which are so much more highly developed economically. - Author: Mao Zedong
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#5. And one of the worst effects was that by suppressing critical thought, it also suppressed critical thought in the field of economics and hampered the development of economics - and the country would fall back further and further in the economic competition with the West. - Author: Stefan Heym
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#6. Latin American countries are part of the West and that it is reasonable to expect a certain degree of openness in their societies that we do not demand of, say, China or Vietnam. - Author: Mark Falcoff
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#7. We are the third world not because the sun rises on the West and sets in the East but because we have engaged the reverse gear and we are moving with jet like speed in the wrong direction -we must change this by rolling up our sleeves and working for the growth of our country. - Author: Patrick L.O. Lumumba
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#8. I suppose the pleasure of country life lies really in the eternally renewed evidences of the determination to live. - Author: Vita Sackville-West
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#9. Washington is not a place to live in. The rents are high, the food is bad, the dust is disgusting and the morals are deplorable. Go West, young man, go West and grow up with the country. - Author: Horace Greeley
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#10. I live in a small country in Europe - Finland - and I don't speak English well and I had nothing to do with publishing houses in the West. I lived in complete isolation. - Author: Hassan Blasim
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#11. I escaped from my home country, Bulgaria, to Czechoslovakia and then to the West. - Author: Christo
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#12. In 1938, when I had decided that the only way to see the country was in a trailer, and I built the trailer which I still have and lived in it for eighteen months, and learned America from San Diego to the Canadian border, from Miami to New Jersey, and east to west in between. - Author: Leslie Charteris
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#13. This country, and the West Coast, especially, is bad at preserving any cultural legacy. - Author: Esa-Pekka Salonen
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#14. I think America is a new country. It is a young culture. The spirit of the opening of the West is still with the Americans. It's a very practical and individual-based kind of philosophy that had worked in America for a long time, had been very successful. And the spirit is very much there. - Author: Chen-Ning Yang
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#15. I thought that a man might be an enemy of other men, of the differing moments of other men, but never an enemy of a country: not of fireflies, words, gardens, streams, or the West wind. - Author: Jorge Luis Borges
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#16. I am not a puppet. I was not made by the West to go to the West or to any other country. - Author: Bashar Al-Assad
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#17. Our soldiers, sailors, airmen, Marines and Coast Guardsmen volunteer to protect and defend this country and all its citizens, and do so with honor, integrity and excellence. Our nation continually asks them to do more and more, with less and less. - Author: Allen West
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#18. In my heart and soul, I am a West Country man, and ideally, my weekends are spent there. - Author: Ben Elliot
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#19. American critics of welfare statism are often surprised to learn that countries like West Germany, with a much more comprehensive welfare state and a statistically larger public sector, have fewer government employees per capita than the United States does. - Author: Robert Kuttner
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#20. Somerset is the first proper country county you come to in the West, which isn't dependent on London and isn't full of commuters. Somerset is full of the most fantastically interesting people. - Author: Charles Hazlewood
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#21. Multiple political parties are a fact of life throughout Europe and most of the West. Today the only countries without strong multiparty political systems are the United States and a number of third world military dictatorships. - Author: Thomas Naylor
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#22. All my roots are still in the prarie country of the Middle West. - Author: James Norman Hall
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#23. I studied politics and economics at Bristol, and people always assumed that I'd go into politics or a non-government organisation when I left. I might well do this later on. I'd love to represent a West Country seat in the House of Commons. - Author: Ben Elliot
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#24. After we flew across the country we
got in bed, laid our bodies
delicately together, like a map, laid
face to face, East to West, my
San Francisco against your New York - Author: Sharon Olds
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#25. I like Colin Powell, I like his West Indian background, I like his intellect, I like a lot of things that he does and his style. What is at fault here is a policy that's taking this country to hell, - Author: Harry Belafonte
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#26. Go West, young man, go West. There is health in the country, and room away from our crowds of idlers and imbeciles. - Author: Horace Greeley
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#27. The Judas of the West has closed the contract and will receive the thirty pieces of silver ... Was there ever witnessed such a bare faced corruption in any country before? - Author: Andrew Jackson
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#28. We have to cease the migration of Arab potential to the west; they should be respected in their own countries. - Author: Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum
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#29. India will be successful when UP, Bihar, West Bengal, Assam and other parts of North East India are strengthened. India cannot develop till the eastern part of the country develops. - Author: Narendra Modi
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#30. Vancouver is the suicide capital of the country. You keep going west until you run out. You come to the edge. Then you fall off. - Author: Margaret Atwood
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#31. A big iron needle stitching the country together. - Author: Jessamyn West
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#32. Our country is Germany
one country that should be reunited. We don't belong to Moscow or to the west. We belong to ourselves and I have never betrayed that. This tunnel has taken every ounce of courage we have. We're not cowards. - Author: Jennifer A. Nielsen
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#33. God tipped the country and all the fruits and nuts rolled west. - Author: Mike Royko
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#34. Cause I'm carryin' your love with me
From West Virginia down to Tennessee
I'll be movin' with the good lord speed, carryin' your love with me
It's my strength for holdin' on
Every minute that I have to be gone
I'll have everything I'll ever need
Carryin' your love with me - Author: George Strait
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#35. We in the West walked away from Afghanistan at the end of the Cold War and left it as a country devastated socially and armed to the teeth. If we do that again, there will be consequences. - Author: Bob Ainsworth
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#36. lifetime risk of maternal death is one thousand times higher in a poor country than in the West. That should be an international scandal. The gap, moreover, is getting wider. - Author: Nicholas D. Kristof
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#37. By "West Sudan," for instance, an almost vanished term, people understood the whole gigantic stretch of savannah immediately south of the Sahara, from the Atlantic to Darfur in the country now known as Sudan. - Author: Jurgen Osterhammel
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#38. At the end of the school day, we walked the long, cold way home feeling happy and hungry. There we found a warm fire, country ham with gravy and hot biscuits, and a mother to hug us! If snow blew under the doors that night, what did it matter? Christmas time was just around the corner. - Author: Jenny Lee Ellison
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#39. While the Soviet Union has imposed its rule on its neighbours and drawn an iron curtain between east and west, we in Great Britain have given freedom and independence to more than forty-eight countries whose populations now number more than a thousand million - a quarter of the world's total. - Author: Margaret Thatcher
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#40. But when I look at the fact that today is 1,000 days that we have not had a budget for the United States of America, you know, the House, one of the things we did, we passed a budget last year. But that is still sitting over there at the Senate. And so we have got to get this country back on track. - Author: Allen West
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#41. The people in East Germany have lived through so many changes in the last 15 years like never before in the country, and they did this often with great enthusiasm. But in the West we also have a high degree of transformations. - Author: Angela Merkel
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#42. No more distractions. The elation of finally being alone was total. We walked straight west. I had everything I needed in the world resting comfortably on my shoulders, and the entire country waiting to be discovered. - Author: Peter Jenkins
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#43. Of course, I didn't become an architect, but later on in Iran, I had a lot of contact and discussions with architects because Iran was developing, and I felt we shouldn't destroy the past and copy completely the West, which is the problem in developing countries. - Author: Farah Diba
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#44. I see that not everyone in the West has understood that the Soviet Union has disappeared from the political map of the world and that a new country has emerged with new humanist and ideological principles at the foundation of its existence. - Author: Vladimir Putin
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#45. I am willing to work with anyone that wants to do what is best for this country. - Author: Allen West
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#46. Every president needs to deal with the permanent government of the country, and the permanent government of the country is Wall Street oligarchs and corporate plutocrats and the questions becomes what is the relationship between that president and Wall Street. - Author: Cornel West
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#47. O, beautiful and grand, My own, my native land! Of thee I boast: Great empire of the west, The dearest and the best, Made up of all the rest, I love thee most. - Author: Abraham Coles
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#48. When did 'Ask not what your country can do for you' become 'Ask only what your country will give you'? - Author: Allen West
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#49. Ishmael Beah was born and spent his childhood in Sierra Leone as that sad but beautiful West African country was ravaged by a civil war that left some 50,000 dead between 1991 and 2002. He was a child soldier for a while, then, through extraordinary circumstances, was set free of that life. - Author: Carolyn See
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#50. Private travel into foreign countries can be requested without conditions [ ... ]. Permission will be granted instantly. Permanent relocations can be done through all border checkpoints between the GDR into the FRG or Berlin (West). - Author: Gunter Schabowski
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#51. Do not lounge in the cities! There is room & health in the country, away from the crowds of idlers & imbeciles. Go west, before you are fitted for no life but that of the factory. - Author: Horace Greeley
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#52. Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa. If Nigeria succeeds at democratic governance it will be an anchor for all of West Africa. Africa needs a strong Nigeria. - Author: Ed Royce
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#53. There's a food revolution going on throughout the country. And it doesn't matter if you're down south, up north in Maine, if you're out west in Portland or Seattle. - Author: Tom Colicchio
West Country Sayings #885766
#54. I know that some of those plans [of the North Korea] could very well lead to a missile that might reach Hawaii, if not the West Coast. We do have to try to get the countries in the region to work with us to do everything we can to confine, and constrain them. - Author: Hillary Clinton
West Country Sayings #926810
#55. You're very dangerous," he informed her, taking a bigger bite. "Very devious. If you had enough money and a small army, you could take over the whole country. And no one would care because you are so damn cute."
"Of course they wouldn't mind. I'd let them eat cake," Hayley replied, grinning. - Author: Dahlia West
West Country Sayings #936357
#56. The message for the American youth is that this is a great country and we need to make sure that we pass on a heritage, a lineage and a legacy of American exceptionalism to each and everyone of you so that you can enjoy all the great liberties and freedoms that all the previous generations have had. - Author: Allen West
West Country Sayings #949620
#57. I know what it is! We've arrived at the West Coast! We're all strangers again! Folks, I just forgot the biggest gumption trap of all. The funeral procession! The one everybody's in, this hyped-up, fuck-you, supermodern, ego style of life that thinks it owns this country. - Author: Robert M. Pirsig
West Country Sayings #951531
#58. For the sake of my country, and perhaps a little for the sake of my soul, I have given up the deep peace of being in opposition. - Author: Rebecca West
West Country Sayings #968409
#59. When I was 2, we moved into an imposing country mansion 8 miles west of Cardiff, Wales. - Author: Roald Dahl
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#60. The people in our country and in America and in all West European countries, they have to gorge and guzzle so that they don't even start to think about the fact that we have something to do with Vietnam or what it might be about, OK? - Author: Gudrun Ensslin
West Country Sayings #1001230
#61. Our Government is committed to supporting Canadian businesses as they grow, innovate and generate high-value jobs - in the West and across the country. The WINN Initiative assists western Canadian businesses in bringing innovative ideas from the test bench to the marketplace. - Author: Michelle Rempel
West Country Sayings #1003436
#62. To state that the cost of proper medical care itself surpasses the financial resources of any of the countries in the West is of course ridiculous, not the least when one considers the other purposes for which money is freely being used and working hours spent. - Author: Karl Evang
West Country Sayings #1057759
#63. The North Country is purple, and it's the Country of the Gillikins. The East Country is blue, and that's the Country of the Munchkins. Down at the South is the red Country of the Quadlings, and here, in the West, the yellow Country of the Winkies. - Author: L. Frank Baum
West Country Sayings #1076562
#64. The Soviet Union's propaganda clearly wishes to use public opinion in this country to get the West to reduce its own arms while doing nothing themselves. In this way they would gain nuclear superiority. This is simply not on. - Author: James Callaghan
West Country Sayings #1132472
#65. I'm from West Virginia. If you didn't know what was happening in NASCAR, you were on the outside. NASCAR is a big league sport, but it's still also country and redneck. - Author: Randy Moss
West Country Sayings #1165641
#66. Are you interested in irrigation? . . . Of course you are, if you are a western man. . . . Irrigation is the creed of the West. Gold brought people to this country; water, scientifically applied, will keep them here. - Author: Ednah Aiken
West Country Sayings #1170238
#67. Some in the West apparently believe that Poland no longer has its own interests, and that it is all too willing to agree with the opinions of others. This is absolutely not the case. Indeed, other countries in Europe uphold their own interests with great determination. - Author: Lech Kaczynski
West Country Sayings #1176122
#68. The Sierra Nevada is five hundred miles of rock put right. Granite freed by glaciers and lifted through clouds where water, frozen and fine, has scraped and washed it into a high country so brilliant it brings light into night. - Author: Willard Wyman
West Country Sayings #1186954
#69. The only problem was I needed to use my own group, and things didn't happen until I did. It wasn't a real country sound, what I did. I've listened to it, and I think it was more a west coast rock thing, you know? But it fit. It was country, but it was my own interpretation of country. - Author: Waylon Jennings
West Country Sayings #1195840
#70. I am glad that the Crown have proved that I am the leader of the Half-breeds in the North-West. I will perhaps be one day acknowledged as more than a leader of the Half-breeds, and if I am I will have an opportunity of being acknowledged as a leader of good in this great country. - Author: Louis Riel
West Country Sayings #1224574
#71. Josh: So, Toby, it's election night. What do you say about a country that goes out of its way to protect even those citizens that try to destroy it?
Toby: God bless America. - Author: Aaron Sorkin
West Country Sayings #1231255
#72. When you love poor people THAT MUCH, when you love 'working people' THAT MUCH, that makes you the freest man/woman in the country.
- Cornel West in explaining that Obama is A fulfillment of MLK's dream not THE fulfillment of MLK's dream - Author: Cornel West
West Country Sayings #1247051
#73. This is what America is about when it comes to understanding that it is equal opportunity versus equal achievement. Each and every one of us has the opportunity for greatness in this country. - Author: Allen West
West Country Sayings #1276128
#74. The socialist countries have the moral duty of liquidating their tacit complicity with the exploiting countries of the West. - Author: Che Guevara
West Country Sayings #1317079
#75. Nowadays, many Americans have forgotten the meaning and traditions of Memorial Day. At cemeteries across the country, the graves of the fallen are sadly ignored, and worse, neglected. - Author: Allen West
West Country Sayings #1321550
#76. I said the export benefit should go to all the farmers in the country through the mills spread across the country, in states like Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and West Bengal. Now what happens? This benefit goes to those mills or export houses in Mumbai. Or in Chennai or in Bangalore. - Author: K. V. Thomas
West Country Sayings #1338468
#77. People who were not active in the intellectual life of the country could go on without feeling restricted, except they could not go where they wanted. They could not cross the border to the West whenever they liked. - Author: Stefan Heym
West Country Sayings #1340137
#78. [Vladimir] Putin wants to keep [Bashar] Assad in power and expand his own military base in Syria, whatever the cost. I even believe he has an interest in more and more people fleeing the country. The flow of refugees improves his negotiating position toward the West, including the German chancellor. - Author: Garry Kasparov
West Country Sayings #1340830
#79. The key words of violent economics are urbanization, industrialization, centralization, efficiency, quantity, speed ... The problem of evolving a nonviolent way of economic life [in the West] and that of developing the underdeveloped countries may well turn out to be largely identical. - Author: E.F. Schumacher
West Country Sayings #1342892
#80. We in the West must bear in mind that the poor countries are poor primarily because we have exploited them through political or economic colonialism. - Author: Martin Luther King Jr.
West Country Sayings #1378597
#81. The principal or highest part of the mountain having changed its direction to east and west, I ascended it in such manner as to leave its most elevated ranges to the south and travelled north west over a very rough and broken country generally covered with snow. - Author: William Henry Ashley
West Country Sayings #1378829
#82. The West pays money and piles up pressure to cause a strife between Islamic countries so that Muslims would kill each other and the West can obtain its desirable outcome thereby. - Author: Mohammed Emami-Kashani
West Country Sayings #1408517
#83. While there are towns and cities still planning Memorial Day parades, many have not held a parade in decades. Some think the day is for honoring anyone who has died, not just those fallen in service to our country. - Author: Allen West
West Country Sayings #1413867
#84. Salvation by society failed the most where it promised the most, in the communist countries. But it also failed in the West. Practically no government program enacted since the 1950s in the Western world - or in the communist countries - has been successful. - Author: Peter Drucker
West Country Sayings #1429598
#85. The thing about Canada is that it's a very large country, and the population's very spread out among different regions. Each region in the country really has its own personality and its own culture, you know? From West Coast to East Coast - wherever you go, it's almost like it's its own country. - Author: Jeff Lemire
West Country Sayings #1432377
#86. Long ago the country bore the country-town and nourished it with her best blood. Now the giant city sucks the country dry, insatiably and incessantly demanding and devouring fresh streams of men, till it wearies and dies in the midst of an almost uninhabited waste of country. - Author: Oswald Spengler
West Country Sayings #1444236
#87. Terrorism is not a limited threat, it is a world wide operation. Today, many countries in the east, and in the west, in the north, and in the south, have been the targets of the nefarious designs of terrorists. - Author: Pratibha Patil
West Country Sayings #1456648
#88. Gone mad is what they say, and sometimes Run mad, as if mad is a different direction, like west; as if mad is a different house you could step into, or a separate country entirely. But when you go mad you don't go any other place, you stay where you are. And somebody else comes in. - Author: Margaret Atwood
West Country Sayings #1467447
#89. Cyder was anciently the main drink of the country people in the West of England. - Author: Sabine Baring-Gould
West Country Sayings #1516636
#90. Russia will invade Ukraine, probably within the next few weeks. They will annex the Crimea. From there, if they meet no resistance from the West, they will take more of the country, - Author: Tom Clancy
West Country Sayings #1521759
#91. People like Howlin' Wolf, Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones, John Lee Hooker, Nina Simone, Captain Beefheart - all of these artists were what I grew up listening to every day of my life. And there's a very healthy music scene in the west country of England, where I grew up. - Author: P.J. Harvey
West Country Sayings #1565378
#92. British physician, West African Countries and Peoples Man's place is higher than the sky. Respect for man is the underlying spirit of civilization. - Author: Muhammad Iqbal
West Country Sayings #1565830
#93. More than England to the British West Indian or even Holland to the Surinamer, France is the mother country to the Martiniquan. - Author: V.S. Naipaul
West Country Sayings #1566482
#94. When the human race neglects its weaker members, when the family neglects its weakest one - it's the first blow in a suicidal movement. I see the neglect in cities around the country, in poor white children in West Virginia and Virginia and Kentucky - in the big cities, too, for that matter. - Author: Maya Angelou
West Country Sayings #1597623
#95. On March 11, 1985, Mikhail Gorbachev became leader of the Soviet Union, and within a few weeks the full-scale reformation he attempted to carry out both inside his country and in its cold war relations with the West, particularly the United States, began to unfold. - Author: Stephen Cohen
West Country Sayings #1605663
#96. I'm tired of liberals dividing this country up into little groups, setting them upon each other, breeding spite and envy, and then having the nerve to accuse conservatives of hatred. - Author: Allen West
West Country Sayings #1633948
#97. In the long winter evenings he talked to Ma about the Western country. In the West the land was level, and there were no trees. The grass grew thick and high. - Author: Laura Ingalls Wilder
West Country Sayings #1639369
#98. What right does the West have to constantly criticize Russia? There are a few things about the West that I don't like either. But I am not constantly pointing my finger and criticizing things that are a country's internal affairs. - Author: Vladimir Yakunin
West Country Sayings #1663957
#99. But beauty vanishes; beauty passes; However rare rare it be; And when I crumble, who will remember This lady of the West Country? - Author: Walter De La Mare
West Country Sayings #1668800
#100. In Lebanon, there are completely different opinions and values in one country in terms of religion, modernity, tradition, East and West - which allows for a kind of intellectual development not available anywhere else. - Author: Rabih Alameddine
West Country Sayings #1671498

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