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Top 17 Wendy Mogel Quotes

#1. If we want to raise young adults who know how to solve problems, we must let them have problems to solve while they are still adolescents. - Author: Wendy Mogel
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#2. It is not men that interest or disturb me primarily; it is ideas. Ideas live; men die. - Author: Woodrow Wilson
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#3. After 10 years of eating vegetarian, I tried my boyfriend's. I was overwhelmed. It was orgasmic. - Author: Jessica Szohr
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#4. spirit - we know there is something special, even sacramental about sex. It - Author: John Eldredge
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#5. You still need to save but being debt-free in retirement is and should be a goal. - Author: Michelle Singletary
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#6. Accepting your teen's individuality and natural evolution is one of the most difficult challenges you'll face as a parent. - Author: Wendy Mogel
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#7. If we want to give our children what they need to thrive, we must honor their basic nature- boyish or girlish, introverted or extroverted, wild or mellow. - Author: Wendy Mogel
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#8. Teens are by nature, experimental learners. There is no real understanding of biology without the lab ... - Author: Wendy Mogel
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#9. The basic point is so important I'll repeat it: RNA viruses mutate profligately. - Author: David Quammen
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#10. Is it not obvious that science only pretends to explain the cosmos on its fundamental level? - Author: Robert Lanza
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#11. People want to put women in one box, and I'm interested in how women can be everything at once. - Author: Elizabeth Meriwether
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#12. George Washington Carver explained, "Anything will give up its secrets if you love it enough." Mindfulness is this kind - Author: Jack Kornfield
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#13. Maybe the purpose of the space program [NASA] is to prepare the world for Big Brother - the New World Order. - Author: Kent Hovind
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#14. Our investigation is a grammatical one. Such an investigation sheds light on our problem by clearing misunderstandings away. Misunderstandings concerning the use of words, caused, among other things, by certain analogies between the forms of expression in different regions of language. - Author: Ludwig Wittgenstein
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#15. The sages advise us to study Torah lishma-"for its own sake" rather than to impress others with our scholarship. A paradox of parenting is that if we love our children for their own sake rather than for their achievements, it's more likely that they will reach their true potential. - Author: Wendy Mogel
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#16. In the beginning there was God...but for me there was Adam. - Author: Tosca Lee
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#17. Democrats do best in urban centers, Republicans in outer suburbs and rural areas. - Author: Thomas E. Mann
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