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Top 14 Weibo Quotes

#1. The decision to leave a company you founded and move on to a new project is never an easy one. - Author: Ryan Holmes
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#2. Almost every week, there are stories in the press or on Chinese social media about what even the official Chinese media call 'hot online topics:' stories about how people in a particular village or town used Weibo to expose malfeasance by local or regional authorities. - Author: Rebecca MacKinnon
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#3. The Facebook of China, however, is Renren, launched in 2005. (The Google of China is Baidu, and the Twitter of China is Sina Weibo.) - Author: Clay Shirky
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#4. For a long while they are silent, thinking about abstract things like control and what it means to love an institution that is defined by loss, because a library is such a space and their duty is to encourage the books to leave. - Author: Lindsey Drager
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#5. I think when you're really stressed out and can't really face reality ... you shop. - Author: Rachel Zoe
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#6. I love that feeling of inspiring other women. - Author: Cheryl Cole
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#7. The 'Shawshank Redemption' has nothing to do with China, but that hasn't kept social media censors from blocking the movie's title from searches on the country's most popular Twitter-like microblogging service, Weibo. - Author: Rebecca MacKinnon
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#8. We all think that this relationship thing is a game out here. All I'm saying to women is, 'Okay. If it's a game, here are the rules that we play by.' - Author: Steve Harvey
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#9. Treat every person you interact with, with the same sort of attention and respect which you hope they will give to you. - Author: Hoodie Allen
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#10. So how can a poet-an intelligent, serious poet-write mystical verse now? The poetry of Adam Zagajewski provides the beginning of an answer to this question. - Author: Adam Kirsch
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#11. You have Google, we have Baidu. You have Twitter, we have Weibo. You have Facebook, we have Renren. You have YouTube, we have Youku and Tudou. The Chinese government blocked every single international Web 2.0 service, and we Chinese copycat every one. - Author: Michael Anti
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#12. Every new time will give its law. - Author: Maxim Gorky
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#13. It's a beauty one isn't born with, but must fight to construct at great sacrifice. - Author: Leslie Feinberg
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#14. His eyebrow is raised again. I wonder if he practices these looks in the mirror. Each one seems perfectly crafted to make a girl want to drop her shorts right then and there. - Author: Jen Frederick
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