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Top 12 Wedding Thank Sayings

#1. The Little Friend is a long book. It's also completely different from my first novel: different landscape, different characters, different use of language and diction, different approach to story. - Author: Donna Tartt
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#2. Gareth. I see you've returned to town for my wedding. Thank you for your fine felicitations. Your manners, as always, are impeccable."

"Hang your wedding," Gareth said. "Hang Ware and his daughter and your mother. And hang you, for not answering my question. - Author: Courtney Milan
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#3. People have one year after the wedding to send a gift. Thank-you notes must be written immediately. If you don't receive an acknowledgment within three months, phone and ask if it was received. If the bride and groom are embarrassed, fine. They deserve to be. - Author: Ann Landers
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#4. I'm not really against a lot of things unless they are just pure exploitation and then they create their own copycat culture that comes from someone acting irresponsibly. That's dangerous when that happens. - Author: John Leguizamo
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#5. Freedom comes from taking responsibility; bondage comes from giving it away. - Author: Henry Cloud
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#6. That man is so low you can't put a rug under him." "His - Author: Marie Bostwick
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#7. His courtesy was somewhat extravagant. He would write and thank people who wrote to thank him for wedding presents and when he encountered anyone as punctilious as himself the correspondence ended only with death. - Author: Evelyn Waugh
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#8. Never forget that if you leave your law to judges and your religion to bishops, you will presently find yourself without either law or religion. - Author: George Bernard Shaw
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#9. It's practically common sense that men should have unrealistic expectations of women's looks, and yet here we see it's just not true. - Author: Christian Rudder
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#10. Youth, what a pity to waste it on the young. - Author: George Bernard Shaw
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#11. The sublimated idealism of the Enlightenment, the spirit of the League of Nations and of the United Nations Charter have not proved strong enough to control the aggressive dynamism of nationalism. - Author: Christopher Dawson
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#12. I love music so much; I've always played. - Author: Creed Bratton
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