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Top 40 We Used To Be Perfect Quotes

#1. I used the Deep Cleansing Masque on my wedding day because I wanted everything - including my complexion - to be perfect! - Author: Cindy Crawford
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#2. The expression Jake saw on all the faces, oldest to youngest, was the same: pure joy. Not just that, he thought, and remembered a phrase his English teacher had used about how some books make us feel: the ecstasy of perfect recognition. - Author: Stephen King
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#3. Protestations of impartiality I shall make none. Theyare always useless and are besides perfect nonsense, when used bya news-monger. - Author: William Cobbett
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#4. I used to think of George Michael as being mechanical, like a scientist in a white coat, working in a laboratory, creating perfect harmonies, and all the while I was secretly admiring him. - Author: Boy George
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#5. If you compare the number of children who are diagnosed as autistic64 to the frequency with which the term autism has been used in American newspapers,65 you'll find that there is an almost perfect one-to-one correspondence (figure 7-4), with both having increased markedly in recent years. - Author: Nate Silver
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#6. It used to be that you had to make female TV characters perfect so no one would be offended by your 'portrayal' of women. Even when I started out on 'The Office' eight years ago, we could write our male characters funny and flawed, but not the women. And now, thankfully, it's completely different. - Author: Mindy Kaling
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#7. I used to look back at pictures and cringe but actually I'm quite proud that I've had fun with fashion and don't always look perfect. The only regret I have is when I look at something I wore when I was very young and it obviously looks like it belonged to someone else. - Author: Emma Watson
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#8. We may not be as perfect as we used to be,' says Raffe, 'but it's all relative.'
I try to give him a dirty look, but I can't help but laugh. 'Yes, I'm laughing at you.'
Raffe pulls me closer and kisses me again. I melt into his taut body. I can't help myself. I'm not even sure I should try - Author: Susan Ee
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#9. You are a perfect spiritual being. Get used to that idea. - Author: Chris Prentiss
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#10. The pressure to keep up with what society tells us is perfect is causing us to enter a time when women are no longer women, but plastic shells of what women used to be. - Author: Chelsea Hobbs
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#11. But if everything was always smooth and perfect, you'd get too used to that, you know? You have to have a little bit of disorganization now and then. Otherwise, you'll never really enjoy it when things go right. - Author: Sarah Dessen
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#12. For much of my life I floundered under the excuse of "nobody's perfect," the liberating and over-used phrase that affords guys like me the freedom to pile up sins in a careless and unchecked way. Ironically, being perfect is precisely what we are called to be! - Author: Tarek Saab
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#13. I've always wanted to be a dad. I just can't wait to have a little rug rat running around. I used to want five or six kids, but maybe I've become too self-absorbed over the years. I think two would be perfect. - Author: Josh Duhamel
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#14. I used to run to school, 10k every day. And this at altitude, perfect preparation, really. - Author: Haile Gebrselassie
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#15. And who but Allah could have used a fool like President Bush to remove Saddam, the man who had been the greatest obstacle to the rightful domination of the Persian Gulf by the Persian people? Indeed, who but Allah could have drawn Iran's greatest enemy into the perfect trap? - Author: Phillip Oliver Otts
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#16. Julie's voice could have been used to tune a piano. She was pitch perfect - and I never was. I was enjoyably close. - Author: Dick Van Dyke
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#17. I admit that I sometimes climbed on other fellows' backs. But I used to watch the flight of the ball perhaps more than the other fellow did. Perfect timing, a deep breath and a natural spring then helped me to get above them. - Author: Roy Cazaly
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#18. I used to read the criticism on blogs about other people - mostly female actresses and singers - and even when they are extremely perfect and harmless, people still go after them. So I figure, if I'm going to get negativity regardless, why do I have to worry about what somebody thinks of me? - Author: Kat Graham
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#19. Science fiction has traditionally been economically naive, with a strong libertarian streak, which I think is like a crude Leninism. That's attractive because it could be used to explain everything, and if only we lived by its tenets, everything would be perfect. - Author: Charles Stross
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#20. The Bible itself can be used for both good and evil. That doesn't mean it's flawed. It means that it is perfect. - Author: Northern Adams
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#21. Trane was the perfect saxophonist for Monk's music because of the space that Monk always used. Trane could fill up all that space with all them chords and sounds he was playing then. - Author: Miles Davis
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#22. I have a real problem with watching movies where I see this perfect woman who is married to the man in question, who has a perfect life, who has perfect hair, perfect clothes, and doesn't give you any of the kind of reality that you're used to. - Author: Caroline Goodall
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#23. The Bible tells us to be perfect. This is likely a scary thought for many people. It used to scare me. I didn't think I could ever get there, no matter how hard I tried. - Author: Joyce Meyer
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#24. White magic is black magic. a less than perfect meddling in the spiritual world can breed monsters for other people, and demons used for good can hang around and make mischief afterwards. - Author: Iris Murdoch
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#25. I'm not used to seeing the ball go wherever she wants. As a pitcher, I like to be - I don't want to say perfect, but I want to know what the ball is going to do. - Author: Mariano Rivera
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#26. I think that, back in the day, there used to be a lot of horror films that kind of had a checklist of what went into making the 'perfect horror film', and I think now people are raising the bar in the industry, as far as the types of horror films that are being made. - Author: Elisha Cuthbert
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#27. He used to say that life was all about a boy finding the perfect girl; he was lucky enough to have been handed his in a labor and delivery room. - Author: Jodi Picoult
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#28. When I began my search for the perfect skin care to fight the aging process, I noticed that my sensitive skin was reacting horribly to any product I used. - Author: Connie Sellecca
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#29. 'New Jack City' was a perfect marriage of music and film. They used a lot of musicians: myself, Christopher Williams. People that were popular because of their music were given the chance to act. And the soundtrack was incredible. - Author: Ice-T
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#30. We know no document is perfect, but when we amend the Constitution, it would be to expand rights, not to take away rights from decent, loyal Americans. This great Constitution of ours should never be used to make a group of Americans permanent second-class citizens. - Author: Barbara Boxer
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#31. The people of the world could be divided into two groups: those who used all of their chances, and those who stood still through opportunity after opportunity, waiting for a moment that would never be perfect. - Author: Jade Chang
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#32. I used to believe having a good memory meant being able to remember everything in perfect detail. Now I believe having a good memory means being able to selectively forget. It's not what I'll remember, Jason," he said. "It's what I'll forget that matters. - Author: Amber Dermont
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#33. My mentality is like a Samurai: They used to every day work on their technique to make themselves almost perfect. Because perfection is impossible, but every day, you get closer to perfection. - Author: Georges St-Pierre
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#34. The belief that rational and quantifiable disciplines such as science can be used to perfect human society is no less absurd than a belief in magic, angels, and divine intervention. - Author: Chris Hedges
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#35. RIGHT HERE AND NOW, as an old friend used to say, we are in the fluid present, where clear-sightedness never guarantees perfect vision. - Author: Stephen King
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#36. Mr. Schock smiled at Peter and raised his hand into the air. Peter instinctively struck it in a perfect high five. Mr. Schock's smile transformed into a puzzeled frown.
"Joshua, how did you...?"
"Peter used to do it," said Peter swiftly. - Author: Linda Buckley-Archer
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#37. As if he sensed her need, Levi scooped her into his arms and carried her back to the rock she used for sitting. But instead of depositing her there, he tucked her closer and sat down with her in his lap. He didn't say anything, just held her. And it was perfect. - Author: Karen Witemeyer
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#38. I am so lucky. I used to think trust means "never let you down", but really, it's about love. Family can't always help fix a difficult situation, and everybody makes mistakes. We shouldn't expect perfect. But we can hope that the people we love love us enough to try to make it right. - Author: Miranda Kenneally
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#39. I used to think everything had to be perfect, but now I know perfection doesn't exist - life comes with bumps and grazes. - Author: Andrea McLean
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#40. Growing up I used to love bands like Free and ELO and the Rolling Stones. When Robert Plant got in touch it made perfect sense to me. - Author: Alison Krauss
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