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#1. That moment, the music screeched to a halt. There was an ungodly collision of brass, reed, and percussion - trombones and piccolos skidded into cacophony, a tuba farted, and the hollow clang of a cymbal wavered out of the big top, over our heads and into oblivion.

Sara Gruen

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#2. The Masonic Fraternity is one of the most helpful mediating and conserving organizations among men, and I have never wavered from that childhood impression, but it has stood steadfastly with me through the busy, vast hurrying years.

William Howard Taft

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#3. More men had died because their commander wavered in his action, too afraid of making the wrong decision to make any,

Evan Currie

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#4. One of my reasons for living in California is its close proximity to Mexico. The Latin influence is in every corner of the community. My love of Spanish music hasn't wavered since the '50s. I could hear the blues voicing from the Flamanco families and I always dig for inspiration in Latin music.

Eric Burdon

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#5. Microsoft was founded with a vision of a computer on every desk, and in every home. We've never wavered from that vision.

Bill Gates

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#6. Yet he knew that if she wavered he would never forgive her; she would drop at once from her high estate into those depths in his opinion where the dull average of both sexes sprawled for ever in indiscriminate heaps.

Elizabeth Von Arnim

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#7. His pain hurt me in a way I'd never felt before. It was worse than my own pain. My strength wavered. I felt completely powerless.

Kristen Simmons

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#8. I've been fortunate enough to be headstrong, to be full of self-belief, and those things have never wavered for me.

Tim Howard

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#9. My focus never wavered; I never accepted the film was not going to be finished.

Dougray Scott

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#10. The only one that seems to be able to hold the business is Disney. They do it is because they have a fabulous philosophy about marketing- but even they wavered.

Don Bluth

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#11. His eyes never blinked or wavered from mine, encompassing me in a field of control.

Jazz Feylynn

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#12. He looked heavenward with a sigh. "Are you always this stubborn?" I thought about it for a moment. "Yes, I think I am." Philip's expression wavered between exasperation and amusement. Amusement won with a reluctant laugh.

Julianne Donaldson

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#13. I have never wavered from my intention to advance the cause of diversity in new and more effective ways.

Jeb Bush

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#14. They were twelve days in which world history wavered between two courses and the Germans came so close to victory that they reached out and touched it between the Aisne and the Marne.

Barbara W. Tuchman

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#15. By some miracle, Charlotte's polite smile never wavered. It was a proud moment for her. After all, it wasn't every day that a little old lady told you right to your face that your bosom was as flat as a flounder.

Olivia Parker

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#16. Silence. How long it lasted, I couldn't tell. It might have been five seconds, it might have been a minute. Time wasn't fixed. It wavered, stretched, shrank. Or was it me that wavered, stretched, and shrank in the silence? I was warped in the folds of time, like a reflection in a fun house mirror.

Haruki Murakami

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#17. So,' Nico said, 'since we're going to be spending at least a year seeing each other at camp, I think I should clear the air.' Percy's smile wavered. 'What do you mean?

Rick Riordan

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#18. There have been times when I've wavered. When I thought maybe I wanted to be normal. But the thing is, what we do, it's in our blood. It's who we are. Normal wouldn't fit us, even if we wanted to wear it.

Victoria Schwab

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#19. A moment later Jonathan's body wavered in the air, shimmering, and began to go transparent. Don't let them spread silly rumors about me, or make me a god. O.K., Fletch? I'm a seagull. I like to fly, maybe ...

Richard Bach

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#20. I came out of the nine-hour surgery and I had tubes in every direction, and those nurses at the Mayo Clinic, I could cry for four days at the kindness of those nurses. The care, the detail of the care, the attention that just never wavered, never complained. The love.

Eve Ensler

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#21. She lived because she had been willing to die, and her conviction in herself never wavered.

V. Lakshman

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#22. He said he didn't like my kind and I was filled with the delirious expectation that he would identify me as a common species - that there were others like myself. I controlled my excitement, but he seemed to sense it - his gaze wavered uncertainly.

Steve Aylett

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#23. The world wavered and quivered and threatened to burst into flames.

Virginia Woolf

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#24. He wavered suddenly, doubted doubts. He looked at his big beloved.

John Crowley

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#25. For a moment the radio wavered between stations
and I was so busy
making myself marvelous.

S. Jane Sloat

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#26. I came to quite an opposite conclusion, and have not wavered from it since. I do not think[Pg 116] there will ever be a large tide of immigration into California; and I think, moreover, that, ten years hence, the present owners of land there will be glad to take far less than they ask for it now.

Edward Money

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#27. I have always had the deepest respect for Bill Nicholson as a person and as a manager. The Spurs boss is an honest Yorkshireman and you will go a long way before finding a straighter character than that. Bill has never wavered in his determination to give White Hart Lane fans the best.

Bill Shankly

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#28. And Sylvia Tietjens wavered into the room.

Ford Madox Ford

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#29. You have wavered uncertainly between two systems, between drawing and coloring, between the painstaking phlegm, the stiff precision, of the old German masters, and the dazzling ardor, the happy fertility, of the Italian painters.

Honore De Balzac

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#30. No Republican questions or disputes civil rights. I have never wavered in my support for civil rights or the civil rights act.

Rand Paul

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#31. Over time, my belief in many things has wavered: marriage, the afterlife, Woody Allen.

Lena Dunham

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#32. If you're not confident in yourself, you're going to waver. I've wavered, and I've lost.

Mary J. Blige

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#33. As she spoke, her voice never wavered; it was the voice of someone who has forced a larger meaning out of tragedy. Or

Barack Obama

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#34. I left Egypt in 1969 for graduate school at the University of Pennsylvania. I have been on the faculty at Caltech for 37 years and carried dual citizenship for 31. But my commitment to the country of my birth never wavered.

Ahmed Zewail

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#35. I was always taught to write the book you want to read. It's a philosophy I haven't wavered from since.

E.A. De Graaf

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#36. And if I wavered for the instant it was not with what I kept back.

Henry James

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#37. The dark, cluttered, polished mahogany splendor of the Sanborns' Victorian drawing room. Mr. Sanborn wavered. Roark asked, his arm sweeping out at the room around them: Is this

Ayn Rand

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#38. Yes, I have doubted. I have wandererd off the path. I have been lost. But I always returned. It is beyond the logic I seek. It is intuitive - an intrinsic, built-in sense of direction. I seem to find my way home. My faith has wavered but has saved me.

Helen Hayes

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#39. Be who you were meant to be and not what you've allowed yourself to become, Kate said to Mavis as she wavered over following her dream.
from 'Lifesong

Christine M. Knight

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