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Top 15 Watermelon Drink Quotes

#1. Youth, like a magic bird, has flown away
He sang a little morning-hour in May
Sang to the rose, his love, that too is gone
Whither is more than you or I can say. - Author: Omar Khayyam
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#2. It's not part of my ambition to become fabulously rich. My plan was always to make my pictures, and hopefully people would buy them, and then I'd buy a studio, buy a house, help friends out, do bits and bobs - but I've no idea after that. - Author: Gary Hume
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#3. I'm here, Emma. I'll never let you go, he whispered in my ear , holding me tighter. - Author: Rebecca Donovan
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#4. Oh, sheez, what's Syd Vicious doing back in town? (Payne)
How'd the testicle retrieval go, Payne? You still limping? ... Thought so. I got the thank-you card from Planned Parenthood last week. Seems they want to honor me for saving the gene pool. (Syd) - Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
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#5. Your voice is a little like cocaine. You could bottle that stuff up and sell it. - Author: Kimberly Lauren
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#6. The disciple of philosophy must present itself, first as a way of thinking and then as a way of life. - Author: Peter Sloterdijk
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#7. I know so many women in their 30s who didn't get married, or they did and it didn't work out, or they didn't have children because they were trying to get their careers going, or because they were expected to be independent, plus have a family. They didn't feel secure enough. - Author: Uma Thurman
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#8. Music wasn't complicated. It was math. - Author: Cora Carmack
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#9. We can never know for certain where our prayers are likely to go, nor from whom the answers will come. Just when we think we are at our nearest to God, we could be assisting the Devil. - Author: Norman Mailer
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#10. Your life is the people who fill it," Mel says. "And nothing's good without them. - Author: Kayla Rae Whitaker
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#11. Growing up, I always wanted to be in punk bands, so I'm really enjoying the harder, heavier element. It's always been my dream to have people moshing at my gig, kind of that really feral element of the music coming out more. I love crowd-surfing. - Author: Florence Welch
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#12. Hyperbole is something I'd better avoid. - Author: Terry Gilliam
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#13. The characters are trapped within the lifestyle. It's about what goes on before the movie starts. - Author: Sam Mendes
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#14. Watermelon - it's a good fruit. You eat, you drink, you wash your face. - Author: Enrico Caruso
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#15. I don't need anyone to validate me. - Author: Will.i.am
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