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#1. Once you get into fitness you do notice your diet and notice that certain foods don't quite agree with you. I don't think it was a conscious decision, I think it organically happened over time, but I do watch what I eat and try to eat healthy. - Author: Jayne Middlemiss
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#2. If you have no idea what I'm about to do, just watch and wait..then you'll see time spin to a stop right before your eyes..and you'll forget that world you once knew - Author: Lenise Lee
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#3. I think, as a chef and restaurateur, that you have to take care of your business. Otherwise, you're only as good as your last meal. You have to watch if your food costs are too high, or you could be out of business in no time. - Author: Jean-Georges Vongerichten
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#4. I don't think it's easy for women to watch themselves age. And I think it's obviously doubly hard to grow older when you are a public figure and you constantly have to see your image all the time, and people are constantly pointing it out. - Author: Michelle Pfeiffer
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#5. I prefer reading books than the time on your watch. - Author: Kristian Goldmund Aumann
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#6. I'm not a director who feels I should be in your face all the time. I really want you to watch the actors and listen to the play. - Author: Jack O'Brien
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#7. You've got to watch your mind all the time or you'll awaken and find a strange picture on your press. - Author: Lord Buckley
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#8. Your ability to discern key people in your life and organization before you bring them in saves you lots of time, trouble, and regrets... Watch out!!! - Author: Assegid Habtewold
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#9. Centurion! Would you like to be a cavalryman one last time? There are Venicones who escaped when your line was broken to be hunted down, and Tribune Licinius has ordered me to take the best men available in their pursuit. Leave this hairy gentleman to watch the fun, and join us in the hunt! - Author: Anthony Riches
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#10. Never seem more learned than the people you are with. Wear your learning like a pocket watch and keep it hidden. Do not pull it out to count the hours, but give the time when you are asked. - Author: Philip Dormer Stanhope
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#11. watch out for schools that promise your kids will "experience success." I'm teaching Plato's Dialogues these days, and I noticed that Socrates never let his students experience success. Socrates won the argument every time. - Author: David Kahn
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#12. You watch teenage girls and feel shivers up and down your arms
those poor creatures don't know the first thing about time or agony or the price they're going to have to pay for just about everything. - Author: Alice Hoffman
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#13. I like ice hockey, but it's a frustrating game to watch. It's hard to keep your eyes on both the puck and the players and too much time passes between scoring in hockey. There are usually more fights than there are points. - Author: Andy Rooney
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#14. Don't be deceived into believing you know what time it is. Your watch does not tell you the time; it tells you the history of time. - Author: Ray Noyes
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#15. When Daniel Boone is uneasy, you know it's time to watch your step. - Author: Bill Bryson
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#16. In a supersonic jet, you'll land before you take off. Your watch - if it's working right - will go back. (It'll stop if it's not). You've made a journey forwards and backwards at the same time. The trip will make you younger. - Author: Zdenek Mahler
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#17. But it's not enough to be in love. It's about how you spend your days, what you do together, who you choose as friends, and most of all it's what work you do ... Better to break both our hearts now than watch them wither away over time. - Author: Helen Simonson
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#18. If your objective is to tell time, you will not buy a mechanical watch. You have the time on your phone. - Author: Ricardo Guadalupe
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#19. You can watch videos and hit off the tee, stuff like that, but at the same time, it's you against the pitcher. I just need one swing or one pitch to click, and you can find your swing. - Author: Nelson Cruz
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#20. Beware The Court of Owls, that watches all the time, ruling Gotham from a shadowed perch, behind granite and lime. They watch you at your hearth, they watch you in your bed speak not a whispered word of them or they'll send the Talon for your head. - Author: Scott Snyder
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#21. Hope, O my soul, hope. You know neither the day nor the hour. Watch carefully, for everything passes quickly, even though your impatience turns a very short time into a long one. - Author: Teresa Of Avila
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#22. You'd die for them, happily," Hal had said, in the long night watch when I'd kept him breathing. "Your family. But at the same time you think, Christ, I can't die! What might happen to them if I weren't here? - Author: Diana Gabaldon
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#23. The more you expose yourself as a celebrity, the less interesting you are to watch in your work, because if you're putting yourself out there all the time, you're not holding anything back. - Author: John Cusack
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#24. If time waits for no one then let me show you how it does, by smash your watch. - Author: Srinivas Shenoy
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#25. One time, as the cold wind blew and she kept watch over the playground, Aomame realized she believed in God. It was a sudden discovery, like finding, with the soles of your feet, solid ground beneath the mud. - Author: Haruki Murakami
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#26. If you are sitting on a felled tree in a pine forest enjoying the sunshine you can easily forget what time it is. Not that you could forget your gold watch, just the time of day. - Author: Elfriede Jelinek
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#27. Humans should always exercise and watch what they eat. So with your pet, make sure they get enough exercise, make sure they're getting fed at the same time every day and getting the nutrition they need. And make sure they get a lot of love and attention you both need. That's why you have them! - Author: Alison Sweeney
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#28. I write your name for the last time in this mist,
White breath on the windowpane,
And watch it vanish. No, it stays there. - Author: Charles Wright
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#29. The only time and place to find enlightenment is in this moment. No need to check your watch. The time is now. - Author: Philip Toshio Sudo
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#30. If you are close to your parents or a grandparent, you watch as they get old and you learn so much from that, and it makes you want to learn more while you have time. - Author: Shooter Jennings
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#31. The thing about your past ... it never stays there. We just think it does until the time comes for it to reveal itself in all its gory shame. And there's nothing, absolutely nothing a person can do, but watch - Author: Rachel Van Dyken
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#32. You know, I'm not a huge fan of the concept of 'passion' when it comes to careers. Instead of trying to answer the daunting question of 'What's your passion?' it's better simply to watch what you do when you've got time of your own and nobody's looking. - Author: Daniel H. Pink
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#33. Because I used to go and watch him rehearsing for pantomime, and I have adopted some of those priciples, like try to be on time, learn your script, how he approach it, etc. - Author: Dennis Brown
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#34. Pick up the pace," Kaz said, eyeing his watch.
"If I spill a single drop of this, it will burn straight through the floor onto my father's dinner guests."
"Take your time. - Author: Leigh Bardugo
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#35. I think there's a time and place to watch an independent film, or catch up on a French action film on your laptop, or Netflix it, or download it, or watch it on-demand. But I think we also have to maintain the sacredness of the movie theatre as church - especially with event screenings. - Author: Robert Englund
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#36. Stopping advertising to save money is like stopping your watch to save time. - Author: Henry Ford
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#37. So take good care of your time. Watch how you spend it, for nothing is more precious. In the twinkling of an eye, heaven can be won or lost. Here's - Author: Anonymous
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#38. If you have time to watch TV, you have time to work on your dreams and change your life - Author: Bruce Van Horn
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#39. You don't need endless time and perfect conditions. Do it now. Do it today. Do it for twenty minutes and watch your heart start beating. - Author: Barbara Sher
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#40. Getting sequestered and not really knowing what to do with your time and then discovering, 'Oh, I can watch a bunch of horror movies' has probably played out in a lot of people's discovery of horror. - Author: Kirk Hammett
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#41. You get to know what you should have done better regretfully when you watch others take the stage enthusiastically to do what you should have done better - Author: Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
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#42. Personally, I love going to see a film when you can really watch a character. If you've just read some article about who the actor is sleeping with, that's gonna be at the back of your mind all the time while you're watching the film. - Author: Christian Bale
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#43. Are you - are you sad?"
- No.
"But your - your songs are sad."
- My songs are of time and distance. The sadness is in you. Watch my arms. There is only the dance. These things you treasure are shells. - Author: William Gibson
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#44. The to Cathal was battered and only one wagon wide, with swells of hard earth where mud had frozen during cold ad rainy seasons. Enna tripped often, and cursed each time she tripped, until Dasha said, "Enna, you might watch your language."
Enna grimaced. "I was. You should hear my thoughts. - Author: Shannon Hale
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#45. But no matter how they make you feel, you should always watch elders carefully. They were you and you will be them. You carry the seeds of your old age in you at this very moment, and they hear the echoes of their childhood each time they see you. - Author: Kent Nerburn
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#46. Your reputation has no duplicate. You are one till the end of time. Once it is damaged, a fresh personality cannot spring from the old one. - Author: Michael Bassey Johnson
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#47. America, I might have my family, but imagine how embarrassing it is to have your parents watch as you attempt to date for the first time. And not just your parents - the whole country! Worse than that, it's not even a normal style of dating. - Author: Kiera Cass
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#48. I'm obsessed with TV. How wrong our parents were when they said we should only watch an hour a day. Stop wasting your time reading books. - Author: Jimmy Carr
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#49. Your face says so much in so little time, you let everything you're thinking bloom upon your face, and I can't think of anything else I'd rather watch than you pass through five moods in five minutes. What glorious weather. - Author: Carlene Bauer
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#50. Boy you watch your tongue with me. Or I'll stick my foot so far up your ass the next time you go to the doctor he'll ask you how you got those boot tracks on your tonsils. - Author: David Crawford
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#51. Your past is a skeleton walking one step behind you, and your future is a a skeleton walking one step in front of you. Maybe you don't wear a watch, but your skeletons do, and they always know what time it is. - Author: Sherman Alexie
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#52. Every time I watch
Lady and the Tramp
I think
But then again
I'm not the romantic type. - Author: Francesco Marciuliano
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#53. Watch your thoughts as you watch the street traffic. People come and go; you register without response. It may not be easy in the beginning, but with some practice you will find that your mind can function on many levels at the same time and you can be aware of them all. - Author: Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj
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#54. Little known fact: When you get really scared and too many scary things happen at once, you can leave your body. I don't know if it's your soul or your consciousness or what, but you can literally float up in the air over your body and watch what it's doing. - Author: Dinah Katt
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#55. And she was-definitely-a woman who did not shrink from gauntlets, but stepped up to them, and said, Okay, bring it. Bring your worst. I will get back up. Every time. I will not shrivel and die. So watch out. - Author: Dennis Lehane
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#56. You just plant a few seeds, cultivate the shoots, and watch your career grow and branch out. It takes time and dedication. There are no overnight success stories in the music business! - Author: Christopher Tin
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#57. And keep a watch out at the garage door, because you'll be back by the stroke of seven thirty and in time for dinner or else you'll turn back into an alien and be deported to your home planet. - Author: Kelly Creagh
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#58. I try to wear a watch all the time, because I think guys get the short end of the stick when it comes to jewelry and accessories. A watch is a very chic men's item, and you're sort of wasting it if you just look at your cell phone. - Author: Derek Blasberg
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#59. Don't set limits on what you can or can't do. Don't set limits on what is or isn't worthy of your time. Dare yourself to "play games" with your day: watch, wait, listen; allow things to happen. - Author: Anonymous
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#60. You cannot force me to agree with you. You can force me to act as though I agree with you but then you'll have to watch your back. All the time. - Author: L. Neil Smith
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#61. When you hold your baby for the first time. All the pain in your life disappears. You'll sacrifice many things for your children, your family. It's hard to watch them make the wrong decisions. - Author: Catherine Bybee
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#62. Don't get seduced by your own stuff; work hard to keep a blank slate state of mind each time you watch your film. - Author: James Cameron
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#63. It's not prowess if you watch 5 hours of TV a day. It's just how you choose to spend your time. - Author: Patrick Rothfuss
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#64. The way I see it, more people are wired with broadband from 9 to 5 during the day than watch TV at night. So therefore isn't the real prime time 9 to 5? Playing games at your desk - that's the new prime time, isn't it? - Author: Mark Burnett
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#65. There was a code, and though it was mostly unspoken, I absorbed it early on. You always put all the trout back in the water alive except for a few to eat. You didn't count your trout or call attention to their size or weight. You took time to watch and enjoy seeing your partners catch trout. - Author: Howard Frank Mosher
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#66. Sometimes, sitting there on the cushion failing to watch your breath, it can feel like you're the only weirdo weird enough to be wasting your time in this way. But you're not! There are generations of weirdos, monasteries full of them, and we have the benefit of their accumulated wisdom. - Author: Jay Michaelson
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#67. I think this is an exciting time to be a female filmmaker. Trust your instincts, work harder than anyone else and learn your craft. Know it all. This means learn how to shoot, edit, produce and direct. Get as much experience as you can and watch a lot of films. - Author: Alex Hammond
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#68. Consultants are people who borrow your watch and tell you what time it is, and then walk off with the watch. - Author: Robert Townsend
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#69. This act demonstrates graphically a turning away the past and moving ahead. You now get to refresh your time in a friendly way by running with the watch instead of against it or away from it. - Author: Joe Henderson
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#70. Let this become your key - next time when anger comes, just watch it. Don't say. - Author: Rajneesh
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#71. Always take out your watch when a child asks you the time. - Author: J. A. Spender
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#72. When real substantive change happens it's the people who watch your show, they're the ones that make it happen. It's people whose names are not highlighted in history books. They're the ones that stand up in their place and time to make change. - Author: Tom Morello
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#73. Where's your goofy little dog?" "You watch Adventure Time?" Finn said, sounding delighted. "That's awesome! - Author: Amy Lane
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#74. Please remove your watch,' he said. 'In my domain time isn't a factor. - Author: Hanif Kureishi
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#75. When you get to the summit and you push the watch, first you try to breath a little bit and get some oxygen in your lungs. When I saw this time I was like, 'Ah, that's not possible.' Yeah ... that was a good moment. - Author: Ueli Steck
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#76. Set out time to worship God in your closet, give Him quality praise and watch Him raise you. - Author: Jaachynma N.E. Agu
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#77. In the United States, the more common way to initiate change has been to have consultants come in who "borrow your watch to tell you what time it is - Author: Paul Myerson
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#78. If you do a fifteen hour day on a film, there's a lot of time standing around but at the end of that, you want to go home to your hotel room and have a bite to eat, watch a movie and go to bed. - Author: Colin Farrell
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#79. Tune your television to any channel it doesn't receive and about 1 percent of the dancing static you see is accounted for by this ancient remnant of the Big Bang. The next time you complain that there is nothing on, remember that you can always watch the birth of the universe. - Author: Bill Bryson
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#80. Why do you do what you do? Why do you dress the way you dress?Why do you do what you do with your time? Why do you watch what you watch on TV or at the movies or on the computer? Do you have God-glorifying reasons for all of it? - Author: Tim Conway
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#81. I have seen too many screenwriters of promise become formula addicts and slaves to stop watch structure. Spend that time watching movies, reading screenplays, reading plays, and most importantly - write from your gut. - Author: John Fusco
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#82. Watch your step," said Slash.
Jig stopped, fully expecting to be shot, poisoned, crushed, or maybe all three at the same time. "What is it now?"
Slash pointed to a pile of brown, slimy goo in the center of the tunnel. "Hairball. - Author: Jim C. Hines
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#83. I am going to let you keep your mind," said Athos. "Do you know why?" The blades tip bit in, and Beloc gasped. "So I can watch the war play in your eyes every time your body obeys my will instead of yours. - Author: V.E Schwab
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#84. I think the time is ripe for a return to the refinement of lifestyle that the pocket watch embodies. A personal pleasure that you know you have in your pocket, which requires an elegant gesture to use and show to others. - Author: Richard Mille
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#85. It's time to walk to the cider mill
Through air like apple wine,
And watch the moon rise over the hill,
stinging and hard and fine.
It's time to bury your seed pods deep
And let them wait and be warm.
It's time to sleep the heavy sleep
That does not wake for the storm. - Author: Stephen Vincent Benet
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#86. All i want to make sure of is that she's doing something she loves. watch your kids when they sit down and absolutely get lost in something. maybe that's what they should be doing-the thing they're dying to do all the time. - Author: Jim Carrey
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#87. People say I love you all the time - when they say, 'take an umbrella, it's raining,' or 'hurry back,' or even 'watch out, you'll break your neck.' There are hundreds of ways of wording it - you just have to listen for it, my dear. - Author: John Patrick
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#88. It's hard to describe to people how terrible it was when you could only watch cartoons at a certain time in your life. - Author: Allison Janney
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#89. Did you ever look at your watch, and you look away ... and you don't know what time it is? - Author: George Carlin
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#90. When a woman says she will obey you, of her own will, it is time to sleep lightly and watch your back. - Author: Robert Jordan
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#91. What's changed? I'm a dad. That's fundamental. Watching your kids grow, you go back a bit. You can watch a bug crawling around for minutes at a time
just sit and marvel at its complexity, the utter bugness of it. I've learned to do that again. - Author: Bob Weir
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#92. Honestly, I had a kid, so you watch the movies your kids want to watch. I'm also a producer, so when I watch movies, I look at them from the genre they are, the budget they had, and the time they had to produce it. That's how I evaluate their success. - Author: Courtney Gains
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Little girl, one lesser garment
will suffice to clothe your crotch,
Hide that undiscovered cavern
Where old Time will wind his watch. - Author: William Gaddis
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#94. So excited for the Apple Watch. For centuries, we've checked the time by looking at our phones. Having it on your wrist? Genius. - Author: Ellen DeGeneres
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#95. If I've learned anything in my seventeen years, it's that life isn't easy all the time. Parents get divorced, guinea pigs explode under your watch, and you can't get up the guts to talk to a girl you have a crush on. - Author: Robin Palmer
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#96. Turn your midlife crisis to your own advantage by making it a time for renewal of your body and mind, rather than stand by helplessly and watch them decline. - Author: Jane Brody
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#97. Aikido is not merely about fighting and the development of the physical self but the perfection of the spiritual man at the same time. It has very harmonious movements, very beautiful to watch and beautiful for your body to feel. - Author: Steven Seagal
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#98. As you go higher up in the ladder, you look down, and it's a pretty far fall, so you tend to watch your step a bit more. That's all you can do. It's a full time job not to kill these niggas out here; every day I ask for the strength not to go off the handle and whack one of these stupid cunts. - Author: Gunplay
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#99. It doesn't matter how nice that expensive watch looks on your wrist if you don't know how to tell time correctly. It doesn't matter how much money you have, if it costs you too much to make it. - Author: Vincent J. Monteleone
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#100. They had come to a time when no one dared speak his mind, when fierce, growling dogs roamed everywhere, and when you had to watch your comrades torn to pieces after confessing to shocking crimes. - Author: George Orwell
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