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Top 14 Waltons Narrator Quotes

#1. I think we're entering a new period of filmmaking that's analogous to switching from black-and-white to color, or from silent to sound. The medium is completely flexible, and it's not bound by anything. If you imagine something, you can do it. - Author: Jean-Pierre Jeunet
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#2. Beat me, hate me, you can never break me. - Author: Michael Jackson
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#3. The best things in life make you sweaty. - Author: Edgar Allan Poe
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#4. In our generation, everybody told us that it's really important and it's nice to be able to speak a lot of languages. It's an art, too. It really impresses me, people who speak, like, seven languages. I admire them so much, so I began with English, and then Spanish and maybe Portuguese. - Author: Adele Exarchopoulos
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#5. We should burn all libraries and allow to remain only that which everyone knows by heart. A beautiful age of the legend would then begin. - Author: Hugo Ball
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#6. Our people were not happy. I knew at some point we were going to win. It's a little unfair, but that's the reality. To some degree, it became a one-game season for some folks. - Author: Tom Osborne
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#7. I think with the needs to feed the world's population, to end starvation, plant sciences offer great opportunities to do good and also to develop industry in St. Louis. - Author: William Henry Danforth
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#8. I'm competitive with anyone who writes a good song - I don't care if it's a band or solo artist or whoever. - Author: Chris Martin
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#9. The distinction has blurred between young adult and adult books. Some of the teen books have become more sophisticated. - Author: Ann Brashares
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#10. If a man can preach one sermon without mentioning Christ's name in it, it ought to be his last. - Author: Charles Spurgeon
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#11. But if I lost you, it would devastate me as nothing else has or ever could. You have so much power over me and that's frightening. - Author: Maya Banks
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#12. I was hurrying through my own soul ... I was leaning out ... I was listening. - Author: Mary Oliver
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#13. I pretty much ate everything that I like and I've always wanted to eat and I just didn't hold myself back and it was the best. - Author: Randall Park
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#14. The only way you can learn about making films is by making them, by putting your stamp on the thing. - Author: Stephen Frears
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