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#1. Instead of standing on a stage each day, dispensing knowledge to my young charges, I should guide them as they approach their own understandings. - Author: Donalyn Miller
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#2. Sir James waved a gnarled hand. They're nothing but feral file clerks, dragons. They used to alphabetize the coins in their hoards. - Author: Rachel Hartman
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#3. I ... He bit his tongue before he blurted out that he did love her, that he'd only bought her the jacket because it pained him to see her uncomfortable. I would walk through the fires of hell to get you a pair of shoes.. But he could never tell her that. - Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
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#4. Everyone is tested. One might think it is unfair to be singled out and subjected to a particular temptation, but this is the purpose of mortal life - to be tested. And the answer is the same for everyone: we must, and we can, resist temptations of any kind. - Author: Boyd K. Packer
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#5. O Jamesy let me up out of this pooh - Author: James Joyce
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#6. The steady expansion of welfare programs can be taken as a measure of the steady disintegration of the Negro family structure over the past generation in the United States. - Author: Daniel Patrick Moynihan
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#7. The leader sees things through the eyes of his followers. He puts himself in their shoes and helps them make their dreams come true. The leader does not say, "Get going!" Instead he says, "Let's go!" and leads the way. He does not walk behind with a whip; he is out in front with a banner. - Author: Wilferd Peterson
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#8. Just as I allowed them to live in my mind, I allowed them to die. - Author: Nicole Sobon
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#9. I laced my shoes with sorrow
and walked a weary road
dead end streets
don't come undone
with double knots
wing tipped shoes
that walk on air
through vacant lots - Author: Saul Williams
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#10. I'm afraid that if I raced you on the street I'd push you to your death. - Author: Keiichi Tsuchiya
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#11. In fiction, when you paint yourself into a corner, you can write a pair of suction cups onto the bottoms of your shoes and walk up the wall and out the skylight and see the sun breaking through the clouds. In nonfiction, you don't have that luxury. - Author: Tom Robbins
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#12. I was 22 before I took my first dance class. I had never been athletic, so I was very stiff; I still am. I think what I got mostly from dance was carriage. - Author: Morgan Freeman
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#13. Another drink, another sentence, and the writing continues on ... - Author: Dennis R. Miller
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#14. For we see Abraham the readier to acknowledge himself but dust and ashes the nearer he approaches to behold the glory of the Lord, - Author: John Calvin
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#15. I was very pleased, obviously, to have outsold great writers. But I'm not insane - I do realise that I am a popular writer who people buy to take on vacation. - Author: Maeve Binchy
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#16. Orrin of Arrow might have given them bread. He might have resolved to change this place. I just walk through it. Later I will scrape it from my shoes. - Author: Mark Lawrence
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#17. Whenever I'd try to talk myself out of going for a walk, and there were a few days like that, I'd take myself through a series of simple tasks so I would get up and go. 1. Get up. 2. Find your house keys. 3. Put on some shoes. 4. Grab your iPod. 5. Walk out the front door. - Author: Jennifer Hudson
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#18. Anytime you stop and talk to somebody and you learn about them, you start to walk in their shoes a little bit and you see things through a different lens. - Author: Anderson Cooper
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#19. I stroll along serenely, with my eyes, my shoes,
my rage, forgetting everything,
I walk by, going through office buildings and orthopedic
and courtyards with washing hanging from the line:
underwear, towels and shirts from which slow
dirty tears are falling. - Author: Pablo Neruda
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#20. You shouldn't judge someone until you've walk a mile through an underground tunnel in her uncomfortable shoes - Author: Ally Carter
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