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Top 36 Wait Until Marriage Quotes

#1. Gay marriage will be universally accepted in time. But if I may be so bold as to say to gays and lesbians, don't wait for that time to arrive. Just as my father and his generation did not 'wait' for their civil rights, nor should you. The toothpaste ain't going back in the tube. The tide has turned.

John Ridley

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#2. Love is the gift. You cannot go and look for the gift by yourself. That action is contrary to the definition of the word gift. Therefore, single ladies should wait to be chosen and to receive love as a gift.

Khuliso Mamathoni

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#3. Nobles and peasants marry early. Businessmen tend to wait.

David Eddings

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#4. The real heroes of the Wish Factory are the young men and women who wait like Vladimir and Estragon wait for Godot and good Christian girls wait for marriage.

John Green

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#5. The man will wait in front of the altar in his black suit. The woman will walk up the aisle in her white gown. The vow, the ring, the kiss.... All kind of romance. A gate to happiness. They call it marriage.

Yuli Pritania

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#6. Don't get me wrong, marriage is good. Good for other people."

"Oh, honey, I can't wait till it's your turn. You are going to be so fun to watch when you fall in love."

"That may just be the meanest thing you have ever said to me.

Laurie Roma

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#7. One thing you learn in a long marriage is how many sneezes to wait before saying, Bless you.

Robert Breault

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#8. What we do as a society is seek simple answers.

Dean Koontz

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#9. Oh just wait. It takes a lot of time, that's all ... You'll have come to a certain kind of appreciation that moves beyond all the definitions of love you've ever had. A certain richness happens only later in life. I guess its' a kind of mellowing. p 80
talking about marriage and husbands

Elizabeth Berg

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#10. Most men wait to move until victory is guaranteed.

John Eldredge

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#11. You need to get far enough away from abusive people to be able to fence your property against further invasion. And then you need to own the treasures you find in your soul.

Henry Cloud

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#12. He who knows most believes the least.

Henry Thomas Buckle

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#13. When I am actually willing to marry you, I will wear your earrings. Don't wait for it, Thief.

Megan Whalen Turner

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#14. In my work, I see couples who no longer wait for an invitation into their partner's interiority, but instead demand admittance, as if they are entitled to unrestricted access into the private thoughts of their loved ones

Esther Perel

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#15. He remained silent, and she gentled her voice. I never planned for this. I never planned to make this a real marriage. But I love you, Nick. I've just been waiting for the right time to tell you. And I'm sorry I sprung it on you like this, but I didn't want to wait. Please say something. Anything.

Jennifer Probst

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#16. Dress up and wait for me outside your house. I'll show you a pleasure-seeking night full of gluttony and lust. And that's only the ride in Her Majesty.

Alexandra Iff

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#17. Life is possible only by the deficiencies of our imagination and our memory.

Emil Cioran

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#18. Marriage can wait, education cannot.

Khaled Hosseini

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#19. In due course, I came to classify writers into two categories: those who enabled you to arrive on time and those who caused you to be late. The Russian authors earned me a whole string of detentions.

Jean-Michel Guenassia

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#20. I was like, I don't know if I can hold that promise [to wait until marriage to have sex] because this guy at camp is really cute. Sex wasn't talked about in my home, but I was a very curious young girl.

Katy Perry

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#21. Corn might be the epidemic that kills us, but I've always loved staring at a big field of it, perfectly planted.

Nickolas Butler

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#22. I don't keep mistresses; it's far too much trouble. I'm offering to marry you, although I might regret it. And if you think the Lim family disapproved of your marriage, wait until you meet mine.

Yangsze Choo

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#23. A girl can wait for the right man to come along but in the meantime that doesn't mean she can't have a wonderful time with all the wrong ones


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#24. Marriage is like a barbecue. When you light a barbecue, it's very exciting to see the flames. That's lovely, but you have to wait until the flames have died down. Everything that you want from a barbecue happens on the hot embers. You can't cook on those flames.

Howard Jacobson

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#25. Babe Ruth was great. I'm just lucky.

Reggie Jackson

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#26. Look, choosing to wait until marriage makes me feel empowered. But if the same choice cripples you, then it wasn't the right one.

Rachael Allen

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#27. When you look at statistics for the white community alone, you see that we've become two separate worlds in which the successful are educated and wait to have children until they are married, and those in poverty are primarily those without higher education and with children outside of marriage.

Rand Paul

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#28. We don't put gender roles on our marriage and our relationship. If I'm working a lot and Cory's home, he will put Cree to bed, and if dishes need to be washed, he will wash them. So it's not like, 'Oh, I'm going to wait until my wife gets home, and she's going to be doing all that.'

Tia Mowry

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#29. If wars are eliminated and production is organized scientifically, it is probable that four hours' work a day will suffice to keep everybody in comfort

Bertrand Russell

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#30. A physicist shirking measurement plays, different from children only in the nature of his game and ... his toys.

Franz Karl Achard

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#31. Half the men worship at her feet; the other half have already proposed marriage, including young Jack, who has sworn to his dear 'miss' that he'll be true if she'll only wait a few more years for him.

Alexandra Bracken

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#32. So, I just want to say, I love you, Declan Tyler, and when we can, I can't wait to destroy the sanctity of marriage with you.

Sean Kennedy

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#33. It's not a bad thing, if you're responsible about it. Just don't start having boyfriends. Wait until you've found your husband."
"And how am I supposed to find a husband if I can't have a boyfriend until then?" I asked ironically.

Zack Love

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#34. Marriage isn't a business, co-owned and managed. It's a love story. The most important things we can give our marriage are time and romance, kissing and laughing. Laundry can wait, but a love story needs to be written a little bit every day. WHEN

Shauna Niequist

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#35. I know this," the Second Mate said. "A sexy girl thinks she can do anything.

Adam Johnson

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#36. The tour life is real tough on a marriage. To the young guy who is just getting his PGA Tour card and is in a serious relationship, my advice is to wait three years before getting married.

Boo Weekley

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