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#1. The king is my son!" Cersei rose to her feet. "Aye," her uncle said, "and from what I saw of Joffrey, you are as unfit a mother as you are a ruler.

George R R Martin

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#2. The only thing I do is just pray for inspiration, for a way of thinking, because I don't have any particular goal in sight.

Mike Tyson

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#3. Don't start on that. When I offered you her gifts, you told me to shove them straight up my back orifice. (Eros)

Sherrilyn Kenyon

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#4. A broken heart can never be perfectly mended, there are always scars.

Elisabeth Zguta

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#5. How much to be pitied is he, who has no pity!

Publilius Syrus

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#6. But I hope reading will give him something to look forward to, a reason to fight. I want to believe reading will fill him with courage.

Camron Wright

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#7. This is wrong, but holy hell is it erotic

E.L. James

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#8. The history of the Bible text is a romance of literature, though it is a romance of which the consequences are of vital import; and thanks to the succession of discoveries which have been made of late years, we know more about it than of the history of any other ancient book in the world.

Frederic G. Kenyon

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#9. All things in this world are historical.

Wael B. Hallaq

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#10. Wesley, the younger child, had had rheumatic fever when he was seven and Mrs. May thought this was what had caused him to be an intellectual.

Flannery O'Connor

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#11. And really is there anything in the world more captivating than a beautiful young mother with a healthy baby in her arms? 'What

Anton Chekhov

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