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Top 5 Wackiki Wabbit Quotes

#1. There was a button," Holden said. "I pushed it."
"Jesus Christ. That really is how you go through life, isn't it?

James S.A. Corey

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#2. When I played doctor I played to win.

Joey Comeau

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#3. The main business of humanity is to do a good job of being human beings," said Paul, "not to serve as appendages to machines, institutions, and systems.

Kurt Vonnegut

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#4. I hate mankind, for I think myself one of the best of them, and I know how bad I am.

Samuel Johnson

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#5. Let America symbolize humanity's struggle to conquer nature and master technology. The time has now come for our Government to facilitate the individual's control over his or her future-and of the future of America.

Gerald R. Ford

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