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Top 11 Vorking Quotes

#1. Girls are not born with a devotion to sanitation.

Marcia Aldrich

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#2. my life's motto: If you're not willing to invent cool-sounding bullshit about yourself, don't expect others to.

Tim Dorsey

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#3. The truth is that only 1% of all new words are totally new, and of those an even smaller percentage are conjured up out of thin air. The vast majority of coinages are the product of some kind of repurposing, and the result has always been a mix of tradition and innovation.

Susie Dent

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#4. It was as if even the changes had a rhythm to them, bringing you back to the place you started only the second time around you were stronger and wiser.

Karen White

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#5. How many nights must it take
one such as me to learn
that we aren't, after all, made
from that bird that flies out of its ashes,
that for us
as we go up in flames, our one work
to open ourselves, to be
the flames?

Galway Kinnell

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#6. Always you can find what you want, if you search enough times.

Deyth Banger

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#7. Jews have been the most successful and productive nation in history.

H.W. Charles

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#8. To think that we might easily have gone through life not knowing each other, missing all this free flow of love and ideas and warmth and sharing ... We share really almost everything. (Avis DeVoto to Julia Child)

Joan Reardon

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#9. I'm honest enough to say I don't know everything. You know, I don't. I don't understand all of God. I don't understand, you know, some kind of why bad things happen.

Joel Osteen

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#10. King Arthur was one of my heroes - I played with a trash can lid for a knightly shield and my uncle's cane for the sword Excalibur.

Lloyd Alexander

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#11. Artists are taught to be humble about their impact, especially in folk music. It's so ingrained that I have a hard time even thinking I had any impact other than what a normal hit song would have.

Janis Ian

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