Top 7 Volleyball Digger Quotes

#1. If I spend every moment, for the rest of my days, thanking God for all his goodness to us, that would still not be enough.

Johanna Spyri

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#2. down the drive. I hear his wheels

Annelise Ryan

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#3. Because it's our duty to God to protect the rest of humanity from evil creatures of the night.

Richelle Mead

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#4. The dance lives in all mankind as a necessary motor-rhythmic expression of excess energy and the joy of living.

Curt Sachs

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#5. 9/11 was a hugely overblown event that only assumed its overarching importance a) because it was done to the United States and b) because of the way the U.S. reacted.

Martin Jacques

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#6. It's a global fashion thing; because of the Internet it has gotten really small. It's cluttered, but it's gotten small.

Paul Weller

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#7. Children believe what you promise. They are excited and expectant. Your nature must be like theirs: bold, daring, unafraid and eager to experience the victory God has already assured.

Thea Harris

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