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Top 12 Virginia Woolf Famous Quotes

#1. We can make self the Colors in Our Life and it's so Sorry if we Meet People that Show us the Dark Side. - Author: Jan Jansen
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#2. Who can't like pigs? They're wonderful creatures! I've always liked pigs. - Author: Alexander McCall Smith
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#3. A compliment would be the last thing out of my mouth to a man who was so pigheaded that he could be served at a luau. - Author: Katie MacAlister
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#4. There is no one God won't use. - Author: Max Lucado
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#5. The mathematician does not study pure mathematics because it is useful; he studies it because he delights in it and he delights in it because it is beautiful. - Author: Jules Henri Poincare
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#6. That a famous library has been cursed by a woman is a matter of complete indifference to a famous library. - Author: Virginia Woolf
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#7. It is a still stranger thing that there is nothing so delightful in the world as telling stories. It is far pleasanter than writing reviews of famous novels. - Author: Virginia Woolf
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#8. There is separation of colored people from white people in the United States. That separation is not a disease of colored people. It is a disease of white people. I do not intend to be quiet about it. - Author: Albert Einstein
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#9. Our mind is a machine, it is not a mystery. And the mind always wants to know the how, the why. And because of this persistent inquiry about how and why, it goes on missing all that is beyond the boundaries of machines. Life is beyond the boundaries of machines. - Author: Rajneesh
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#10. I will not be "famous," "great." I will go on adventuring, changing, opening my mind and my eyes, refusing to be stamped and stereotyped. The thing is to free one's self: to let it find its dimensions, not be impeded. - Author: Virginia Woolf
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#11. As a director, I'm not the one animating every frame, every shot. I'm moving around like a surgeon on rounds, or a farmer checking in on all the plants being grown, pruning and adjusting. For me, it's a very exciting job. - Author: Henry Selick
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#12. He would give every penny he has (such is the malignity of the germ) to write one little book and become famous; yet all the gold in Peru will not buy him the treasure of a well-turned line. - Author: Virginia Woolf
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