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#1. Am I R&B because I'm black? Am I pop because I have a song called 'Milkshake'? Or can I just be who the hell I am? Good Lord, people make it seem like we're doing heart transplants here, but we're just making music! - Author: Kelis
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#2. If you're an investor who wants a little bit more from the capital-appreciation side of things, but still likes this concept of getting 'paid by the company,' then we would tell that investor to pursue shareholder yield. - Author: James O'Shaughnessy
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#3. There is no such thing as a dead language, only a dead lay that's a little too quiet for my tastes. - Author: Scott Jonathan Nixon
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#4. Every temptation comes with a choice. - Author: Michael Bassey Johnson
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#5. Every path we take in life, we make the decision to pursue a dream. We travel the path of our dreams on a mental path of a narrow bridge; we must stay focused on our goal and not fear, lest we lose our balance of purpose and fall. - Author: Ellen J. Barrier
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#6. The transgression of Adam and Eve was not in learning the difference between good and evil but in treating the knowledge they received as something that was, literally, internal to them-a food that could be seized, devoured, and controlled by the individual. - Author: Michael Rips
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#7. Many of my students assume that government protection is the only thing ensuring decent wages for most American workers. But basic economics shows that competition between employers for workers can be very effective at preventing businesses from misbehaving. - Author: Christina Romer
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#8. This didn't sound strange to her in the meadow full of winter light. It wouldn't ring strange for some months, because here the horror was, - Author: Lauren Groff
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