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#1. I think acting for sure takes a lot of dedication, especially when you're starting out, because it's so much rejection and it's so important to really study and know your craft. - Author: Bitsie Tulloch
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#2. When, in 1913, in a desperate attempt to rid art of the ballast of objectivity, I took refuge in the form of the square ... the critics ... sighed, "All that we loved has been lost. We are in a desert" ... But the desert is filled with the spirit of non-objective feeling ... - Author: Kazimir Malevich
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#3. Sorry. I had to put out a fire." "You had to put out a fire here, on your day off?" "Uh-huh." Technically, the fire in question had been in her panties, but no need to go into those details. - Author: Samanthe Beck
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#4. You can't be a practicing attorney without being very disciplined and detail-oriented and having good time management. - Author: Charles Soule
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#5. I pretty much spent my twenties as a musician and taking acting classes. I loved it. I was at UCLA getting As and Bs in English and creative writing, basically trying to stay out of the Army. All I really wanted to do was play music. - Author: Robert David Hall
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#6. But it is equally clear and certain that the Dionysos of Greek worship and of the drama was not a babe in the cradle. - Author: Jane Ellen Harrison
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#7. Don't expect others to understand or approve of your life. Be willing to look like a fool. - Author: Eric Ludy
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#8. I listen to the gunfire we cannot hear, and begin this journey with the light of knowing the root of my own furious love. - Author: Joy Harjo
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#9. If I did something to hurt Frankie and she said that I was never getting near her heart again, I'd spent the rest of my life trying anyway. That's the difference between you and me, Tom. I'd go back to the moment it all fell apart and I'd start there. - Author: Melina Marchetta
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#10. I think one of the bigger lessons the Internet has taught us is that 'niche' or 'subculture' are a lot bigger than anyone ever thought. - Author: Warren Ellis
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#11. Since philosophy is the art which teaches us how to live, and since children need to learn it as much as we do at other ages, why do we not instruct them in it? - Author: Michel De Montaigne
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#12. The most tenacious universal language in the world is love. - Author: Paulo Coelho
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#13. You asked why the rate hate Overlanders so deeply. It is because they know one will be the warrior of the prophecy," said Vikus.
"Oh, I see," said Gregor. "So, when's he coming?"
Vikus fixed his eyes on Gregor. "I believe he is already here. - Author: Suzanne Collins
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#14. Evidently this safety is completely false; no one can control anything, and a change always appears at the moment one least expects it, taking us surprise and with no chance to react or fight. - Author: Paulo Coelho
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