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Top 9 Vellum Paper With Sayings

#1. Pride makes a god of self, covetousness makes a god of money, sensuality makes a god of the belly; whatever is esteemed or loved, feared or served, delighted in or depended on, more than God, that (whatever it is) we do in effect make a god of. - Author: Matthew Henry
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#2. He thinks about his teacher in his literary class, he's staring at her legs. - Author: Alice Cooper
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#3. Now, in the Kingdom of School, to be asked into another child's room is like being asked inside their heart. - Author: Catherynne M Valente
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#4. The church should not reflect pop culture but portray godly attributes. The church should not seek pleasures but seek after God. - Author: Billy Graham
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#5. as technology expands the reach of mind, a comprehension of what it actually is and ontologically designs diminishes. - Author: Tony Fry
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#6. I was breathing life into the book through my hand, and the book was breathing back out through me into the world. And what was a book but leather? And what was leather but animal skin? And what was paper but a tree, and vellum but lamb? And what was I but an idea? - Author: Wesley Stace
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#7. Giving presents is one of the most possessive things we do, did you realize that? It's the way we keep a hold on other people. Plant ourselves in their lives. - Author: Penelope Lively
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#8. I use the old Strathmore vellum surface paper, which is the best paper you can get in the Western world for ink line drawing. It has a good, hard surface. - Author: Robert Crumb
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#9. Your life story is a novel; and people, though they love novels wound between two yellow paper covers, are oddly suspicious of those which come to them in living vellum. - Author: Alexandre Dumas
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