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#1. Fr. Benedict Groeschel says it in his uniquely northern New Jersey way: "Celibacy means that we belong exclusively to the Lord, from our brain cells to our sperm cells.

Dolan, Timothy M., Cardinal

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#2. Women are necessarily capable of almost anything in their struggle for survival and can scarcely be convicted of such man-made crimes as cruelty.

F Scott Fitzgerald

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#3. God has a will for your city, country, neighboring countries, and the whole world

Sunday Adelaja

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#4. If you're living in the only have to deal with what's actually going on in that moment.

Sheri Van Dijk

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#5. There is only one purpose in life, which is happiness. We attain happiness by serving others with love and kindness.

Debasish Mridha

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#6. Life is 5% what happens, and 95% how you react.

Kanye West

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