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#1. Works are witnesses to, not the basis of, our right standing before God. - Author: Michael S. Horton
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#2. youth is a marvelous garment - Author: Iris Murdoch
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#3. I do think, however, that there's a very diverse point of view in the African-American community. There's a lot of different voices that need to be heard. I don't claim and pretend to know the thoughts and opinions and ideas of all African-Americans. - Author: J. C. Watts
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#4. This is why we have music, after all. Words cannot always do the work we need them to. Music is there for when words fail us. Finally - Author: Patrick Rothfuss
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#5. Perhaps the scarlet cord that Rahab hangs from her window (Judges 2:18) reminds you of the blood of Christ, but that does not mean that is what it represents. - Author: Timothy Keller
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#6. Pity and forbearance should characterize all acts of justice. - Author: Benjamin Franklin
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#7. I am committed to doing customer service for Craigslist for the rest of my life. The exit strategy is death. - Author: Craig Newmark
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#8. I wish I could have saved you, he says finally. And this is what it always comes back to. Salvation. Him saving me. Me saving him. Impossibilities, because there is no such thing, and it's not what we ever needed from each other anyway. - Author: Katja Millay
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#9. Aarne-Thompson-Uther index - Author: Marina Warner
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#10. Readers, like writers, are essentially amoral. Arm's length will never do. We want to get closer. - Author: Stacey D'Erasmo
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#11. A mouse is the size of a mouse for a good reason, and a mouse that was the size of an elephant wouldn't do very well. - Author: Michael Pollan
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#12. At last she drifted into sleep, and in the country of sleep she found herself standing in the orchard where she had spoken with Uther, where she had dried his tears with her veil. - Author: Marion Zimmer Bradley
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#13. Everyones a hypercrit and if you don't agree you're a liar as well - Author: Phil Collins
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#14. Love is truly the great manifesto; the urge to be, to count for something, and, if death must come, to die valiantly, with acclamation - in short, to remain a memory. - Author: Jennifer Niven
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#15. We are living and consuming more than we need, and this impacts our survival. - Author: Raheem Devaughn
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#16. Nocht is your fairnes bot ane faiding flour, Nocht is your famous laud and hie honour Bot wind inflat in uther mennis eiris. - Author: Robert Henryson
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#17. the Arthurian legends. He was the son of Uther Pendragon and Igraine or Ygraine of Cornwall. - Author: Stephen Klein
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#18. The chronological list of rulers differs on different lists, some lists do not include known kings, and some include kings who probably were mythological - as if a tally of English rulers matter-of-factly included King Arthur and his father, Uther Pendragon. The - Author: Charles C. Mann
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#19. Uther: "I wish you were a foolish woman I could despise, damn you"
"If your priests are right," said Viviane calmly, "I am already thoroughly damned and you may save your breath. - Author: Marion Zimmer Bradley
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#20. It befell in the days of Uther Pendragon, when he was king of all England, and so reigned, that there was a mighty duke in Cornwall that held war against him long time. And the duke was called the duke of Tintagil. - Author: Thomas Malory
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