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#1. The desire for symmetry, for balance, for rhythm is one of the most inveterate of human instincts. -The Decoration of Houses - Author: Edith Wharton
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#2. Blacks, soldiers, and Jews are a menace to the race. - Author: Margaret Sanger
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#3. The light of revelation cannot shine through the fire of anger. (HS/el) - Author: Evinda Lepins
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#4. I profess to learn and to teach anatomy not from books but from dissections, not from the tenets of Philosophers but from the fabric of Nature. - Author: William Harvey
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#5. Before you leave here, Sir, you're going to learn that one of the most brutal things in the world is your average nineteen-year-old American boy. - Author: Philip Caputo
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#6. The higher the testosterone, the lower the maturity level. - Author: Jennifer DeCuir
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#7. Rider Bit down on his lower lip. " So, you know, I'm swords of inviting myself along." he really wanted to meet my best friend? His head tilted to the side. " And if you think that's not cool, this is about to get real awkward. - Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout
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#8. Don't the Conservatives know that Jesus was soft on crime? - Author: Stephen Reid
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#9. She had seen a huge hunchback ogre with meaty forearms and a pruned face crossing a courtyard with an anvil under one arm. - Author: Brandon Mull
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#10. It is imperative to take the initiative, to build firewalls around Alberta, to limit the extent to which an aggressive and hostile federal government can encroach upon legitimate provincial jurisdiction. - Author: Stephen Harper
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#11. Set yourself earnestly to see what you are made to do, and then set yourself earnestly to do it. - Author: Phillips Brooks
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#12. When you live in an alcoholic family or an abusive family, you tiptoe, you don't want to step on any mines. - Author: Glenn Beck
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#13. So there was no explicit bonding. Certainly not the kind you might be expecting if you like films like The Parent Trap as much as Mizuko and I did. We watched it together once, and I dared to say that we were like two little Lindsay Lohans in the isolation cabin, to which she made a kind of grunt. - Author: Olivia Sudjic
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#14. Misplaced hate makes disgrace the races. - Author: Tupac Shakur
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#15. As a novelist, I really believe in the power of the precisely chosen word, so all I can say about this news is SHMERGHABERG. - Author: John Green
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