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#1. Fighting for freedom" is a myth. There's only freedom in uniting. You're not really free with an, "Us vs Them" mentality; because you are constantly defending yourself. And in fighting, there's no time for freedom.

Jason Daniel Chaplin

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#2. A victor's mentality becomes a victor's reality.

Joel Osteen

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#3. Unbelievable. My mother had the exact same mentality as my friends. When in doubt, be a bitch.

Kieran Scott

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#4. Why did this keep happening? Why her? Perhaps there was some pheromone certain people omitted, perceivable only on a wavelength unique to those individuals who preyed on them.

Nenia Campbell

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#5. Contrary to popular view, I've never been patronized in the Middle East. Men maybe treat women differently, but they do not treat them with disrespect. They don't hate women. It's a very different kind of mentality.

Zaha Hadid

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#6. God expects you to have the mentality of a conqueror. See yourself as a victor in Christ Jesus, and go about life with a holy swagger!

Pedro Okoro

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#7. Germany's siege mentality and gnawing sense of encirclement (the need to 'storm out of the fortress' to prevent a Russian attack); Austria-Hungary's hatred of Serbia; Russia's deep fear of Germany; France's vengeful chauvinism; and Britain's ferocious Germanophobia.

Paul Ham

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#8. Smokers will always chat with other smokers; it's a sort of siege mentality.

Andrew Culture

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#9. Climate change has been associated so much with a peaceful mentality - obviously peace and love are good, but we need to think about climate as a threat to survival.

Margaret D. Klein

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#10. You have to have the service mentality in the sense that you subjugate your own ego, and you subjugate a large part of your own life to really helping other people, being successful on their behalf.

Herb Kelleher

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#11. I think too much of the music industry is for the lawyer and accountant mentality.

Chuck D

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#12. I wouldn't do a film like 'The Dirty Picture.' I have a husband and kids, and I won't be able to do justice to such a role. You need a certain mentality and ease to carry such a character.


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#13. I ask God every day to give me the words to tell the kids. That's my mentality, and that's what I'm intending to do.

La'el Collins

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#14. The great souls work with great passion.

Lailah Gifty Akita

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#15. Abandon the idea that you will forever be the victim of the things that have happened to you. Choose to be a victor.

Seth Adam Smith

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#16. I don't belong to any clubs, and I dislike club mentality of any kind, even feminism - although I do relate to the purpose and point of feminism. More in the work of older feminists, really, like Germaine Greer.

Jane Campion

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#17. People with victim mentality often do not have life purpose, because they do not know how to acquire them unless someone plans their future for them

Sunday Adelaja

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#18. Blight has descended on our regulatory agencies
and a dry rot, beginning in Washington, is seeping into every corner of America
in the payola mentality, the expense account way of life, the confusion between what is legal and what is right.

John F. Kennedy

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#19. The kind of group mentality that we had lived under since the Second World War is starting to erupt, and the craving for individualism is now much stronger. It's not as taboo anymore, as it was when I was younger.

Nicolas Winding Refn

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#20. At the upper echelon of musicians in general, I guess performers in general, you have to have this kind of live-or-die, cutthroat mentality.

Damien Chazelle

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#21. I mean, I come from a hippie mentality where I just think to know someone, you need to look into their eyes. Eyes are so important. Until they start melon-balling eyes out, I won't be able to get to know someone another way.

Drew Barrymore

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#22. For the most part, the American film market has become very corporatised, even independent film to a degree, and because of the corporate management mentality, they want to take the safe way.

Anthony LaPaglia

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#23. I might not be all that good with mathematics in class; but go into my mind; and you will see that type of mathematic I put in; in my everyday life, and you can say that I am genius in a way in the terms of mentality; but retarded in class.

Temitope Owosela

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#24. The feeling of superiority is a defect that tends to accompany a victim if you deserved any merit for being a product of fate.

Rosa Montero

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#25. The man with the average mentality, but with control, with a definite goal, and a clear conception of how it can be gained, and above all, with the power of application and labor, wins in the end.

William Howard Taft

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#26. I've seen stand up comedy, and after a while you start to notice that a lot of people are doing things that are like a lot of other people. There can be a bit of a herd mentality, and that's obviously less interesting because there's less going on. I'm just being totally frank with you.

Dylan Moran

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#27. I have a real worker-bee mentality. Just show up, just do it. Even if you feel like s
t and you think you're terrible and you'll never get better and it will never go anywhere, just show up and do it. And, eventually, something happens.

Rosanne Cash

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#28. Let us say that you might have become a telepathic cancer, a malignant mentality which in its inevitable dissolution would have poisoned other and greater minds.

Arthur C. Clarke

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#29. Once you've lived the inside-out world of espionage, you never shed it. It's a mentality, a double standard of existence.

John Le Carre

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#30. I have that thrill-seeking mentality, so when people want to know why my incarnations keep changing, or why I'll do something different than I did before, it's that same impulse.

Liz Phair

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#31. Without Messi there isn't a team for Argentina, Messi is brilliant, different, with a strong mentality. Let's hope he doesn't change.

Luiz Inacio Lula Da Silva

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#32. I was very compelled by a woman who would choose this profession. She [Maura Isles] came from a very highly-educated, wealthy background and could have chosen to do a lot of other things, and has this uber-feminine, modern woman mentality, but works this job.

Sasha Alexander

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