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#1. Like any traveler, I'm always looking for those experiences that are almost unique to any place, and watching films around Alaska of the skies in winter made me want to taste those unworldly showers of light in person. - Author: Pico Iyer
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#2. You cannot grow unless you are willing to change. You will never improve yourself if you cling to what used to be. - Author: Leon Brown
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#3. Crafts make us feel rooted, give us a sense of belonging and connect us with our history. Our ancestors used to create these crafts out of necessity, and now we do them for fun, to make money and to express ourselves. - Author: Phyllis George
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#4. But she understood how to interpret shadows. - Author: Claudia Gray
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#5. Love, by its very nature, is unworldly, and it is for this reason rather than its rarity that it is not only apolitical but antipolitical, perhaps the most powerful of all antipolitical forces. - Author: Hannah Arendt
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#6. The refusal to take part in all war under any conditions is an unworldly view bound to remain a sectarian doctrine. It no more challenges the state's authority than the celibacy of priests challenges the sanctity of marriage. - Author: John Rawls
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#7. Hey, wake up." Reyna's eyes fluttered open. Gleeson Hedge was leaning over her, shaking her shoulder. "We got trouble." His grave tone got her blood moving. "What is it?" She struggled to sit up. "Ghosts? Monsters?" Hedge scowled. "Worse. Tourists. - Author: Rick Riordan
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#8. The word " philosophy " carries unfortunate connotations: impractical, unworldly, weird. - Author: Simon Blackburn
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#9. He waited, listening with deep enjoyment, for the end of the sonata. In the still, twilit corridor it sounded so lonely and unworldly, and so brave and innocent also, both childlike and superior, as all good music must in the midst of the unredeemed muteness of the world. - Author: Hermann Hesse
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#10. P24- the power of school loss to divide social reality has no boundaries education becomes unworldly and the world becomes noneducational - Author: Ivan Illich
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#11. My religion says that only he who is prepared to suffer can pray to God. - Author: Mahatma Gandhi
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#12. Mr. Rihani is a man of ardent poetic temperament, a clever poet, and a man of unworldly ideals. - Author: Edwin Markham
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#13. Life off Earth is in two important respects not at all unworldly: you can choose to focus on the surprises and pleasures, or the frustrations. And you can choose to appreciate the smallest scraps of experience, the everyday moments, or to value only the grandest, most stirring ones. - Author: Chris Hadfield
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#14. Love is unworldly and nothing comes of it but love. - Author: William Carlos Williams
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#15. When a human being without amplification makes a sound that is high and loud, it is almost unworldly. - Author: Renee Fleming
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#16. Tormented by an unworldly hunger, yet not knowing how to satisfy it. - Author: Sui Ishida
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#17. But a good wife - a good unworldly woman - may really help a man, and keep him more independent. - Author: George Eliot
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#18. As a writing man, or secretary, I have always felt charged with the safekeeping of all unexpected items of worldly and unworldly enchantment, as though I might be held personally responsible if even a small one were to be lost. - Author: E.B. White
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#19. ...and he was struck again by the religious revernce of even the most unworldly American women for the social advantages of dress.

'It's their armour,' he thought, 'their defence against the unknown, and their defiance of it. - Author: Edith Wharton
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#20. There are doubtless certain unworldly people who are indifferent to money. I myself have never met one. - Author: Agatha Christie
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#21. From Rusticus . . . I learned to read carefully and not be satisfied with a rough understanding of the whole, and not to agree too quickly with those who have a lot to say about something." - MARCUS AURELIUS, MEDITATIONS, 1.7.3 - Author: Ryan Holiday
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#22. Transformation Ideas are many a penny,executioners are few & lonely;They use their arsenal sharply .to bring out rewards unworldly. - Author: LAD NOMAD
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#23. I have a voracious appetite for all things, worldly and unworldly. - Author: Jimmy Page
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#24. Corporate finance, which services the corporations and governments that borrow money, and that are known as "clients," is, by comparison, a refined and unworldly place. Because they don't risk money, corporate financiers are considered wimps by traders. - Author: Michael Lewis
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#25. We make her bear and raise our children
And then we leave her flat for being a fat old mother hen
We tell her, home is the only place she should be
Then we complain that she's too
unworldly to be our friend - Author: John Lennon
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#26. In her unworldly voice she thanked them for finally understanding her. She reminded me of a female pirate captain alone on the deck of her sinking ship. - Author: Raymond Radiguet
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#27. The more one limits oneself, the closer one is to the infinite; these people, as unworldly as they seem, burrow like termites into their own particular material to construct, in miniature, a strange and utterly individual image of the world - Author: Stefan Zweig
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#28. What you have to learn is how to find the unworldly in everything. - Author: Idries Shah
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