Top 12 Untranslated Quotes

#1. The readership of Victorian novels, when they were published, was much less diverse. People were probably white, and had enough money to be literate. Very often, there are phrases in Italian, German and French that are left untranslated.

Eleanor Catton

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#2. no whisper mars the utter silence of the untranslated stars.

E. E. Cummings

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#3. Sometimes during solitude I hear truth spoken with clarity and freshness; uncolored and untranslated it speaks from within myself in a language original but inarticulate, heard only with the soul, and I realize I brought it with me, was never taught it nor can I efficiently teach it to another.

Hugh B. Brown

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#4. That there can still be as-yet untranslated fiction by [Tove] Jansson is simultaneously an aberration and a delight, like finding buried treasure.

Ali Smith

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#5. One of the most exciting intellectual moments of my career was my 1948 discovery of Knut Wicksell's unknown and untranslated dissertation, 'Finanztheoretische Untersuchungen,' buried in the dusty stacks of Chicago's old Harper Library.

James M. Buchanan

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#6. The more you overthink the less you will understand.

Habeeb Akande

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#7. Well in the history of the See's Candy Company they always say, "I never did it before, and I'm never going to do it again." And we cashier them. It would be evil not to, because terrible behavior spreads.

Charlie Munger

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#8. The world is full of warfare 'twixt the evil and the good;I watched the battle from afar as one who understoodThe shouting and confusion, the bloody, blundering fight-How few there are that see it clear, how few that wage it right!

Henry Van Dyke

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#9. One of the things my friends would tell you is that I hang out with a lot of non-writers - just regular people like bankers and teachers, and I actually try to steer our talk away from my work when I get together with them.

Chang-rae Lee

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#10. My God is love and sweetly suffers all.

Sri Aurobindo

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#11. We tried to shut him in a pyramid, but Mum spotted us.

J.K. Rowling

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#12. For parents who do not want children questioning their values are not parents who love their children, but rather, who love themselves through their children.

Neale Donald Walsch

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