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#1. There are the altars, but here is the greatest of altars, the living, conscious human body, and to worship at this altar is far higher than the worship of any dead symbols. - Author: Swami Vivekananda
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#2. I have all of the Apple products. Everything I've ever written, I've written on a Mac. My first computer, my roommates and I chipped in, and we got that first Macintosh - 128K. It had as much memory as a greeting card that plays music. - Author: Aaron Sorkin
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#3. It is often said that the Japanese are extremely clean at home, or inside any house or office, but dirty and untidy outside. 'Go and look at a railway station,' I was told, 'and you'll be horrified.' I went and was horrified; horrified by the cleanliness of the place. - Author: George Mikes
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#4. She just waited. Rosie had no choice. She'd have to do it on her own. She'd do anything for Amy, even hear whatever she was about to hear, on her own. The consultant was in his office. It was as untidy as always. He didn't smile. It wasn't a bad sign. He - Author: Monica McInerney
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#5. I have a weird need to Google the heights of celebrities I have crushes on to make sure they are at least my height or taller. - Author: Katie Heaney
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#6. My sex life is like shooting pool with a rope! - Author: Rodney Dangerfield
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#7. Do rewards motivate people? Absolutely. They motivate people to get rewards. - Author: Alfie Kohn
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#8. I had always wanted to play a boxer, all of my life. I grew up watching great boxing films. - Author: Holt McCallany
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#9. In order to access private capital, you have to provide competitive return on investment. In order to give competitive returns to investors, you've got to operate on a profitable basis and be thinking of yourself as a business. - Author: Pierre Omidyar
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#10. I can't bail out on Cary," I said apologetically, turning to face him. "Chicks before dicks and all that. - Author: Sylvia Day
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#11. I love cooking. I like to make lasagna - it's authentic Italian-style. I also do a great chicken recipe for a barbecue. - Author: Sullivan Stapleton
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#12. Anyone who thinks money can't buy happiness has never owned a cat [or any pet]. - Author: Arya Riverdale
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